10 Tips for a Spring-Ready Home

Guest post by Katie Hudson, Lead Organizer at Organizing with Katie. Located in Edmonton, Alberta.

Katie Hudson, Lead Organizer at Organizing with Katie in Edmonton, Alberta sitting in a cafe writing Spring-Ready Home

10 Tips for a Spring-Ready Home

Those beautiful signs of spring are here, and with that comes the urge to clean and organize the house! There is no question that doing so will reduce stress and make for a more positive living space. But where do you start?

Here are 10 tips on cleaning and organizing just in time for this beautiful weather.

1) Pack Away Winter Gear

Wash and pack away the winter jackets, accessories and gear like skis, snowshoes or Christmas décor that is still hanging around. If you don’t have a separate place to pack these items away, put like items together and shift them to the back of your closet or space so your spring/summer items are most accessible.

2) Wash your doormats

Get your doormats ready for spring by giving them a good cleaning to wash away the winter muck.

3) Clean out your winter wardrobe

Rotate your winter items to the back of your closet and pull out your spring/summer wear. Sort any items you no longer want into a donate pile.

4) Clean and polish your winter boots

Before packing away your winter boots, clean off the ice melt residue so it doesn’t sit on them all year long and destroy your shoes. Make sure you look up how to properly clean your shoe’s specific type of material.

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5) Get rid of expired beauty products

Most beauty products have labels on them with a little 6 or 12-meaning 6 or 12 months. This can guide you as to when to discard them. If the product smells off or is a chunky texture (and wasn’t before) that is also a good indication to let it go.

6) Get rid of expired food products in the pantry

Clear out expired items in the pantry and give your shelves a good clean. Bonus points for giving it a re-organization, but if not, you can still wipe out those crumbs in the corner.

7) Dust those hard to reach places

The tops of windows or door frames, the blinds, the baseboards… anywhere that’s not a part of your regular dusting regime.

8) Clean out your purse

Clean out your purse or wallet. You may want to switch to a spring bag. Re-consider what you really need to carry every day, make a goal to pack a little lighter.

9) Organize your linen closet and change the sheets

Changing the sheets on the bed gives you such a fresh feeling! Do a declutter of your linen closet too. Old, ripped sheets can be cut into rags and used for cleaning and other messy tasks.

10) Clean off your fridge

An easy way to make a kitchen look fresh is by eliminating paper and magnet clutter on your fridge. Intentionally pick what goes up there. Say goodbye to the Christmas cards that are still posted on there, it’s spring time!
Remember, be patient with yourself, set realistic goals and celebrate any progress you make. Happy spring and happy organizing. You got this!

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