A Year in Review


I am sitting here sipping a coffee and looking at the amazing Christmas lights (yes I still have some up around my office) and thinking of the top 5 lessons I have learned this year with hesitancy.

Do I be super vulnerable? Do I keep them work? personal? I am such a logistics girl and just really need someone to tell me what to do in great detail some days but for this one? I am going to follow my gut. You are going to get it all.

The Top 5 Lessons I Learned this Year in My Work Life 

When you step back from building for a few months to breathe, it hurts your business.

I took a break of “people” this year for a few months. I avoided public like a crazy hermit. I avoided networking and I felt it, it is amazing how much. This lesson was learned the hard way this year.

I need a strong coach.

I keep trying coaches that are too soft and don’t challenge me enough and it has not been good for me. I now have a coach that will call me on my shit and it has been amazing. She is not scared to say it like it is. She is also ex army/military!!! LOVE HER!

Just because you put it out there, doesn’t mean anyone cares.

Again. Not for pity!! I have done a lot of work on myself and my gaps this year and it has been interesting to watch what has all gone down!


I hired an assistant this year and it has been the most amazing thing I have ever done. From having someone to bounce ideas off of, to a logistics person in the background that enables me to work with more people and to breathe once in awhile. She balances me. She makes me laugh. She allows me to breathe and it has been the best money ever spent.

I needed the new office/house space.

I have always worked from home to a degree and it has it perks but it has also been really hard not only on me shutting down every day but also for my amazing husband. This fall we decided to find a different space and wow did we find it. It is AMAZING!! I now have an entire floor for my work and when I am done at the end of the day? I can turn off the lights, close the door and leave it all down there. I can go upstairs and not see my computers and my office and then breathe. It has been amazing for friends, my husband and more importantly me. I LOVE IT!!!! Can you tell?

This last year has been an intense and crazy and calm and amazing year. Both my personal and work life has gone in all sorts of directions.

There were some amazing lessons learned in 2018 and I am so freaking excited about this year I can’t even tell you. 

Never stop growing. Never stop the work that needs to be done on yourself! You deserve it. You deserve it all. Stay tuned for what’s to come….

The Top 5 Lessons I Learned this Year in My Personal Life

I am still worth fighting for!

I have been a scrappy little thing when it has come to my health this year and one of the ways I have done this is by working through a whole hella lot of hormone issues. I have gone from my usual calm and collected self to a raging hormonal teenager and back again more times this year than I care to imagine. In this? I have learned to laugh at myself. To know when to just go back to bed and have developed a WAY bigger appreciation for teenagers. 

I need down time scheduled in.

As much as I am the self care queen, if I am filling my schedule too much even with those things? It is too much. I have learned that I need more COMPLETE down time. Not just time doing amazing fun me things but time to watch too many hallmark movies, time to stare at the Christmas lights, time to watch the sunset. etc and feel absolutely no guilt around it.

Sometimes I feel lonely and it’s something I am working on.

I finally have allowed myself to rumble in the fact that I feel completely and utterly isolated most days. I am in an odd lonely time in my life. While I am surrounded by people a lot, there is this odd spot that I am living in. I am a not-by-choice-non-mom who has a husband who works out of town. This means I don’t get invited to kid things as people don’t even remember me in those situations, to no fault of their own. They are thinking kid play dates and getting together with other families. The single people hang in their own space and I feel alone. The amount of times I get “When Chad is back in town, we should get together” is amazing. And if I am really honest, it breaks my heart. Am I not whole without him? I am not saying this for pity. I am saying this as it is my reality and I am working through this right now as we speak.

I need more friend time.

I am such a workaholic most days and while this is not all bad, it is still not good if there is NO balance. I am not a believer in work/life balance. I know. But hear me out. I am a firm believer in the Pick 3 ideas from Randi Zuckerberg and when I did this on myself recently I realized I had no friend time happening. I have started making more time for it and it is amazing.

I am pretty freaking awesome and am proud of that.

I do not say this to be arrogant. I say this in a humble way. I have worked really hard to get where I am. Mentally, emotionally, physically and more and I need to stop the shame and own it more often. I am worthy of being someones friend. I am worthy of being their coach. I am worthy of having love in my life and I love that I finally truly to the core of my body believe that.