Your Year in Review

2019 has ended and it seems like this should be more significant somehow.  Maybe because it’s the end of a decade? Maybe it’s because 2020 is such a lovely round number?  Maybe it’s because it’s a milestone that shows us that we’re actually 20 years into the new millennium when it still feels like 1999 was yesterday…

But honestly? The year changing probably doesn’t mean anything unless you attach meaning to it by reflecting on your last year (or decade!).

Just thinking about all of your ups and downs, your habits, friends, relationships, opportunities, and fears can give you a sense of who you are and who you want to be going forward. 
You might be thinking, “Great idea, Dawn! …” and then your mind goes blank with that tree-falling-in-the-woods effect because where do you even begin? Well, I’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of questions to reflect on. You can even copy/paste them into a blog or journal so that you can look back and reflect on your reflections next year!
Dawn Taylor, founder of The Taylor Way Life Strategist  Holding A Red Christmas Flower In Edmonton, Alberta 2

What was my biggest accomplishment?

What was my biggest life lesson?

Who are the new people who showed up in my life to play a major role in it?

What was my biggest challenge or struggle?

What caused the deepest sadness in me?

What battle(s) did I lose?

Where did I learn the most?

What were the new places I visited?

What were the new skills I acquired?

What did I spend my time on and how much of it did I spend on things I wanted and cared about?

Have I taken care of my body and mind enough?

What did I procrastinate on the most?

Did my fear held me back from anything?

Have I overcome any of my fears?

Where has self-doubt taken over me?

Did I love my job?

When have I felt the most alive?

What doors have I closed, what stories have I finished and what people have I let go of?

What new door have I opened?

Have I broken any bad habits and have I started any new good ones?

Dawn Taylor, founder of The Taylor Way Life Strategist taking a selfie with her husband in Edmonton, Alberta
Love Sculpture outside
Dawn Taylor, Founder Of The Taylor Way Life Strategist Signs Her New Book, P.S. I Made It, In Edmonton, Alberta At Her Book Launch Party
Dawn Taylor, founder of The Taylor Way - business, relationship and life coach strategist sitting with a laptop and wearing a yellow dress in Edmonton, Alberta
Some of these are going to have you diving deep. And you might feel the emotions bubble up when you realize, “Jeez, I really haven’t been taking care of myself. I’m always putting others before me.” or “I go into work every day and make the money… but I don’t actually like my job.” 
Those realizations, those deep dives are going to help you figure out what you want your next years to be like. More self care? Finding ways to make work more enjoyable or finding a new job? And then hopefully closing out your year and beginning a new one will mean something to you. It could mean making changes or it could mean staying with what works but either way it will mean something.
So, what are you going to do? How are you going to change this next year?
Drop me a note and let me know