April 5th, the first Friday of easter long weekend and I had a call to make. You see, the day before? Mr Taylor aka Sexy Boyfriend aka my husband had asked me out. Sitting in class and written on the top of a piece of homework he was copying. I said “maybe” like the nice person I am and he was waiting on an answer!! That poor guy. This turned out to be the start of an amazing journey. And as of last week? We have been together 23 years. For some reason this year that number feels huge. We are both so proud of it!! Has it always been easy?Absolutely not. But it has 100% been worth it. I would go back and say yes all over again. Even knowing the journey we would have together. Thanks again Mr Taylor for asking me out.

April 5th @ 3:14pm

April 7th @ 6:25pm

April 10th @ 12:11pm

For years I have lived with dates swirling in my head. I remember the oddest dates and times and good and bad times in my life are always tied so tightly to them! It is one of the things that I didn’t lose when I had the brain aneurysm. And three of the most important ones all are happening in the month of April. It is my trifecta!!!

April 7th, the day of the brain aneurysm. Not as good of a day!! Let me tell you. This day caused me TRAUMA and PTSD for years and years. I would fall into a dark depression, get stronger migraines than usual and would crash and burn for the weeks leading up to and surrounding it. These last few years though? I turned it into a celebration. I AM ALIVE!!!!! This is such a miracle and I am so excited about this and know that I am not meant to suffer. I am meant to live. Even with all the complications still, life is amazing and worth living. I had an aha moment this year. I woke up with my typical run to the bathroom and puke headache and as the day went, I realized I was still scared. I was still scared of dying and that is what was causing it! Something new to rumble on…. I will get through this one too.

April 10th. My birthday. What do I say about this! This year I turned 39. I am not sure why this is a hard one. I am not scared to turn 40. I am not wanting to avoid this year. I am super excited about it actually!! There are some huge amazing things happening. Yet this is an odd one. While being so damn excited about being alive, my mind wanders to this annoying FOMO. You know the one.  I have such huge dreams, such big goals and the most incredible bucket list. I can’t imagine not doing it all! Something about this year makes me wonder if I will get it all done. Will I? Who knows. I am pretty sure I will get most of it done. I am the queen of drive and ambition after all….  So this year? I am going to celebrate even more. I am going to take this month a little slower. I am going to breathe more. I am going to write more. I am going to spend more time with friends. I am going to really pay attention. And I am going to do the following 39 things. 

  1. Weekend trip away with my husband for my birthday to go find green grass and flowers
  2. Make a massive donation to Little Warriors and the Be Brave Ranch for my birthday (and thank you for everyone who contributed to this special donation)
  3. Go on a girls trip to New York
  4. Do a fun branding shoot
  5. Try a new restaurant per month 
  6. Officiate a wedding
  7. Travel to Italy for that wedding!!!!!!!
  8. Take my niece on her amazing trip for her birthday
  9. Finish my book
  10. Publish and sell my book to anyone who wants it!
  11. Do a weekly face mask
  12. Remember to water my plants each week
  13. Laugh more
  14. Cry more
  15. Figure out these hormones
  16. Watch less tv
  17. Golf at least once per week all summer
  18. Say no to toxic people
  19. Launch my new course that I have been dreaming about forever!!
  20. Spend time with my family
  21. Road trip with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law
  22. Sip coffee on my back patio often
  23. Explore my city more
  24. Finish another chunk of my Mastery of Coaching
  25. Build deeper friendships
  26. Slow down more and breathe more
  27. More naps on my couch
  28. Call my grandma more often
  29. Hug my loved ones tighter
  30. Go for a long walk in the river valley
  31. Pay off more debt
  32. More dance parties in my kitchen
  33. Learn to make something new for more variety in my life
  34. See friends I haven’t in a long time
  35. Paint a wall somewhere (Husband says NO to our house. Anyone need painting done??)
  36. Move my body more
  37. Work with more clients
  38. Read more books
  39. Never forget what a miracle it is that I am alive and live in that truth daily