4 Ways Color Empowers Everyday Life

Katie Dooley of Paper Lime Creative in a deep green blazer and smiling in Edmonton, Alberta

Guest post by Katie Dooley, Founder of Paper Lime Creative. Located in Edmonton, Alberta.

4 Ways Color Empowers Everyday Life

What’s your favourite color? How does it make you feel when you see it? Are you one of those people that buys anything and everything you see in your favourite color? My first car was lime green! It was so easy to find in a parking lot and made me happy driving it around. Color is one of our favourite things at Paper Lime Creative because it can have such a massive impact on people, their businesses and their customers!

1) People and Color

Did you know that humans can see more than 7 million colors? It’s pretty crazy that’s only a fraction of the colors out there.
teal-white-and-pink-marble paint
Apparently mantis shrimp can see the most colors. Their lives must be wild! Red was the first color we can see, which isn’t surprising because of how bold it is. It’s interesting that to this day we relate red danger, passion and anger which are all related to human survival. If you want a strong emotional response, use red.

Humans can also give colors connotations in addition to what our brain naturally relates those colors. White became associated with weddings in Western culture after Queen Victoria wore a wedding dress is meant to represent purity. However in China, white is associated with death and is warn at funerals.

2) Colors Can Influence Us

Why is understanding color important? Because color can influence our emotions and decisions! Here are some of my favourites:

• Red increases your heart rate, which increases your metabolisms and stimulates your appetite

• Blue and green can create calm. Green is the easiest color on your which is why talk shows have “green rooms”

• Bright colors, like orange and yellow can increase your creativity and energy

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3) Color and Branding

closed-soda-bottles with red and black lids in-front of a red background

Because humans have such an emotional and reactive relationship with color, color can change or alter the connotations of your business brand. Dark blues are considered professional, so you will see lots of dark blue banks and investment companies, green is also a popular choice for the financial sector because it’s the “color of money”. Green is also used for environmentally friendly companies, or companies that want to appear that way, at least!

To get the most out of color in your branding it’s important to be consistent. Color in branding can become like muscle memory. You know you like that dark green coffee brand best, right? You start to associate positive feelings with a brand and color is an easy way to trigger those feelings!

Selecting the right color for your business can tell your customers a lot about it, what you do, how you do it and who the product is meant for. There’s tons of research out there on which demographics like which colors, so if you know who your target market is, you can use colors to attract them. While it’s important to stick with the brand colors you have in place, there’s no harm in bringing in trendy colors for short term marking use, for example an event or promotion. 

4) Color and Your Space

First and foremost when you’re thinking about colors for your space, you should love the color regardless of anything mentioned above. If you want a calming room but hate blue, it’s not going to cut it for you! 

Other things to consider when painting your space is to think aboutwhite clock with colourful ball accents on a light blue background your lighting. Dark rooms can be made brighter, or bright rooms made

darker. Also something as simple as the type of light fixture in the room can influence how colors look. Fluorescent lights in particular have a green cast, which can make certain colors look even more green, or bring out purple tones! 

If you’re like me and like bold colors don’t afraid to take the plunge if that’s what appeals to you. It’s just paint, but if that color makes your heart sing, increases your focus, or calms you right down and that’s why you love it, what a better way to use it than in your favourite room. 

I didn’t know this until recently (#adulting) but you can buy super small sample/touch up tubs of paint for $5 and test all the colors on all the walls before you commit to anything. This is also great if you have a small feature or accent and don’t need a lot of paint for it. 

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