Christmas is an amazing and beautiful time of year. From the food to the lights to the snow to the meaning, it is a beautiful time. For some of us though? It is also a really hard time of year. 


For me, this time of the year is tough because December 6 was my mom’s birthday and I think about her a lot around then, through Christmas and up until the anniversary of her passing in January. It is a time where I still try to focus on the good but… anyone get me? It is HARD to be positive and productive when you’re feeling low.


There are lots of things that can bring us down around the holidays. I don’t have parents to have a Christmas dinner with and my husband’s are very far away. We don’t have kids to wake up with on Christmas morning. We don’t have a home base anymore.


With all of the lights, music, decorations and parties it can seem like Christmas is just pure joy, but for a lot of us it’s not. There’s the other side where we’re reminded of how alone we are. The lack of Christmas cards in the mail, the lack of free time, the noticeable lack of someone special who used to be there. The lack of SUNLIGHT!


So, how do we all deal with it? How do we turn it into something amazing? How do we make Christmas a beautiful thing that, while not perfect, will be enjoyed, rather than just “getting through it” this year? 


I’ve been struggling with trying to enjoy this time of year, and I figured that if I am struggling with this, someone else out there might be too. So here is my plan that I’m sharing with you in case you want to try some of these things too!

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  • Friendsmas: We hold a potluck of appetizers for dinner at our house for a small group of friends with an inappropriate gift exchange!! You read that right. We do this once a year beginning of December and then are too busy for each other all year. Man do we laugh lots when we see each other! Even just meeting a friend or two for lunch can be nice.
  • Singing Christmas Tree: This is a charity event full of dancing and music. It’s really amazing to experience the 35 foot tall Christmas tree made of 150 choir members. 2019 is the 50th and LAST time this event will be held. There are 5 shows between December 19 and 22nd. I have tickets to go twice and just might go more!!! I can’t wait!

  • Book times in my calendar to do festive things like look at lights, watch Christmas movies (Have you seen any of the 55 Best Christmas Movies on Rotten Tomato’s list? If you haven’t seen National Lampoons Christmas Vacation in a while, it’s a good one to watch again!). Cherry on top of this? Bake some Christmas cookies with the movies on in the background!
  • Breathe! Some scents I enjoy around the holidays are gingerbread cookie, apple spice and balsam.

  • Focus on someone outside of myself. I am going to do my regular charity work, spend some time with friends and my awesome brother-in-law and his lovely wife and I will set myself up for the new year by setting new goals, practicing a ton of self care and giving myself a lot of grace.
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Will it be easy to make all these plans and follow through? Will I stop missing my family and the moments we shared when I was a kid? Absolutely not. But I will give myself permission to feel those feelings. They are allowed! I am allowed to miss people and traditions and more.


Are you excited for the season? Are you ready for it? Or are you like me, going into this month mixed with a little dread? 


What are your traditions? How are you going to make Christmas amazing?