Coaching With Dawn – Johnathan


Name: Johnathan

Age: 34

Profession: Contractor

How did we get introduced?

I met Dawn through the networking group that I am part of at one of the education events.

We spoke briefly and then finally sat down briefly at another event.

I will admit that I was skeptical due to past experiences but agreed to sit down with her and she won me over and made me a believer in The Taylor Way (Sounds cheesy but it’s true).

What were your pain points/motivation to start coaching?

I was in a really tough spot both in my personal and professional life and felt like I wasn’t making moves in the right direction, if any direction at all.

I had a lot of bottled up anger and frustration and did not know how to properly release it but knew that I could not carry this weight around forever.

After sitting down with her the first time, we talked about what I felt I needed and what she felt that I needed.

I agreed with the direction that she wanted to go and we began.

What did the process look like?

We started out discussing where I thought I was at and where I wanted to be.

After that we spoke about my frustrations and she began to dig for the root of the problem…. she found it, It wasn’t fun, but she found it.

Once we knew where the hurt was we started to release it and work towards rebuilding.

The whole process is hard, challenging, and will bring you to your knees at times but nothing great ever comes easy.

I asked myself early on  “what is growth & happiness worth enduring”, my response…. everything.

So far It’s been worth every minute.

What was the most unconventional/interesting strategy you had to do?

Out loud, repeated and loud declarations and affirmations…. I understand the power they have to rewire your thinking but that doesn’t mean I enjoyed it the first couple times.

Now, they are slowly working their way into my comfort zone.

Where are you now?

I own my own company now and believe that I am doing well.

It was sooner than expected due to circumstance but I spoke with Dawn and she said OK light that boat on fire because we are taking the island…I lit the match.

I feel more confident in myself than I ever did before and I I have to thank her for helping open my eyes.