Coaching With Dawn – Juli

Name: Julie Wenger

Age: 33

Profession: Realtor

How did we get introduced?

We met at church and hit it off as friends.

What were your pain points/motivation to start coaching?

Some business and some personal. I was overworked and too controlling to ask for help and the anxiety it was causing was like not breathing.

We did a lot of work around re-visioning my business and confidence in my skills and my value to my clients, as well as a lot of work around what my ideals for what my personal life should look like and how to reconcile real with ideal.

What did the process look like?

Mostly we started by working on me personally. That was key to building my confidence and having the energy and enthusiasm to tackle work.

We sorted out what I valued and who I wanted to be and then came up with specific strategies to create the circumstances to make the changes I needed to make.

What was the weirdest strategy you had to do?

Beating up pillows and yelling incantations. We did a lot of normal stuff too like talking and prodding and questioning and such.

Where are you now?

I’ve gone from an over-accomodating people pleaser/wife and mom of 2, to a business owner with a team of 4, growth junkie, and wife and mom of 3.

Our numbers as a company have grown significantly in a time where many in my industry are struggling, and I’m learning to kick perfectionism to the curb and be more present with my family.