coaching with dawn-katie dooley

Coaching With Dawn – Katie

Katie working with dawn

Name: Katie Dooley

Age: 27

Profession: Graphic Designer

How did we get introduced?

I met Dawn through my business networking group.

We had a meeting where we learned about each other’s business and she was very eager to help me. Normally I would be skeptical about something like a life coach, but I agreed to a session and from there everything snowballed.

What were your pain points/motivation to start coaching?

When I had met Dawn, I had just taken a big step in my business, pursuing entrepreneurship. My anxiety had amped up and there were days that I would feel that crushing feeling in my chest but didn’t even know why.

I was nervous to public speak, I was nervous to take on bigger and more professional clients. My education is in design, not business and there were a lot of processes and procedures I felt like I was missing.

What did the process look like?

Dawn and I started with personal coaching, which, I honestly wanted to skip right past and start on the business coaching. But, Dawn insisted for a couple of key reasons:

1) To tackle my anxiety at the source.

2) To help me realize that I am worth a successful business.

Without the latter valuable lesson, self-sabotage would’ve been inevitable.

What was the most unconventional/interesting strategy you had to do?

The declarations/affirmations and brain work really pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I now understand how powerful they are.

It took me awhile to get used to shouting things at the top of my lungs, but once I realized how they made me feel it was an easy item to work into my day.

Oh, and she gave me a shot of vodka once.

Where are you now?

When I started with Dawn, she said that with her strategies I would be a full-time entrepreneur in a year. We accomplished this goal in only 10 months. My anxiety is basically gone, and now when a stressful situation pops up I have the right tools in place to deal with it.

My business continues to grow and I have stronger, healthier relationships with my friends and family.

coaching with dawn-katie dooley