Life Coach Uncovered  – #3 Life Coach vs Therapist

With so much confusion about the difference between a Life Coach and Therapist, I wanted to help clear this issue up.

Life Coach vs. Therapist

Two major differences between life coaches and therapists are

  1.  Their Demeanor: A therapist can be passive, unemotional, or sometimes awkwardly distant. Life Coaches are more passionate, involved, and very personal.
  2. Their approach to finding solutions: A therapist will empower and help guide you towards your own solutions. A life coach will tell you outright to stop self-destructive behaviour, and tell you exactly how to deal with your problems.

Sound a little vague? That’s because what each person needs is different and both Life Coach and Therapist provide support in a customized way that meets the needs of each client.

So which of these styles of support it right for you?

A Life Coach Or A Therapist

You know when you hit a wall? You feel hopeless and you’re struggling and you’ve been told by someone to see a therapist?

There’s the idea that therapy is the thing to do when you have difficulty.

It seems like the normal thing to do. Find someone who can help you get through tough times.

But you have other options!

A therapist isn’t always going to be the best fit for your particular needs.

Personally, I have spent plenty of time in therapy. And I remember the day I realized it was not for me. I was sitting in my therapist’s office, crying and begging her to tell me what I needed to do to feel better.

At that point, I needed someone to just tell me what to do already!

The reality is that as a therapist, telling people what to do is not how they work. It is their job to help guide you towards your own solutions instead of laying it all out for you.

For me, this was torture.

I wanted someone to offer advice, share experiences, help me make a plan, and find solutions! I needed a coach to help me with my life. And it’s why I became a life coach.

In my journey, I find things that work for me and I share everything I’ve learned with clients.

The way I coach is very different than therapy.

I am not here to tell you that you need a life coach rather than a therapist, but to share the differences.

Either way, there is no one right way, just the way that feels right for you.


Life Coaching in Action

Take a closer look at what I do as a life coach and what my clients are saying.

Simply put, my clients come to me with their problems and I give them tools and advice on how to deal with them.

Here are some examples of how I work:

Job Loss is something most of us deal with at some point in our lives. It’s hard to cope with the job loss itself, but stress of finding a new job while trying to support yourself or your family makes it even harder.

For times like these, a life coach can help you through the whole process: from writing your resume, to nailing the interview (what to wear, what to expect and say on a call and in person with your potential new employer), to navigating the ins and outs of the new job.

On a deeper level, I’ll teach you to rewire your brain for success so that you vibrate with positive energy as you walk into the meeting or job interview.

Dating and maintaining relationships is not easy. I know! I am married! When clients ask for help with dating, I will tell them how to win over that man or woman. I’ll coach them through scenarios, giving them confidence and support.

Dealing with heartbreak? I’ll tell you all about how to get through it.

For what life throws at you, I can help you and tell you how to accomplish your goals.

I help people to move from childhood trauma with a hands-on approach. I give you homework, steps, or worksheets that will get you to the results you want.

Bottom Line

Here’s the bottom line: I am not a therapist. I say the stuff that people don’t want to hear but need to hear.

I’m not going to sit passively in a chair, nod my head and ask how that makes you feel. When you’re with me, it feels like getting a giant hug while getting the kick in the butt you need.

Like I say, I’m Ass Kicking, Hope Giving Dawn Taylor.

Let’s Get Together

If you need someone to tell you what to do and how to do it, give me a call. Let’s get together over coffee and talk!