Crazy Read 2018 – The Five Love Languages

BOOK #34

Book Title:   The 5 Love Languages

Author:         Gary Chapman

Length:         203 pages

Score:            9/10

What I Loved 

I love this book and recommend it at least weekly to a client or friend! I also recommend the online quiz, which is totally free.  

The concept of this book in simplistic terms is: We all have a love tank. There are 5 ways to love someone.

It sounds so simple and yet IT WORKS! It is crazy.  

The 5 ways to love someone are

1) Words of Affirmation

2) Acts of Service

3) Receiving Gifts

4) Quality Time

5) Physical Touch

When you love someone in the way you want to be loved, often it is not what their language is! When this happens? It is like loving a brick wall. Please see the posts that I have done on this topic. They dig into it even more!

So, how does this look in real life? My love languages are words of affirmation and receiving gifts. I feel loved when I hear “I love you,” and when I get gifts. My husband feels love through physical touch and quality time. This has caused many problems!!!

I could never say “I love you” to him for the rest of our marriage and it would not be an issue.  He doesn’t need it! He also doesn’t need gifts… AT ALL. He actually gets frustrated and somewhat angry when he gets them.  

Yet those are both things that I need more than anything. This is where we both have to step up.  I have to make time for him and have some fun with him 🙂 And for him? He goes out of his way to buy me the odd gift and say super nice things to me. This is the basic explanation of how we deal with it, and man alive do we both feel more loved, more often.

One thing I loved about The 5 Love Languages was the warning at the beginning of the book: Understanding the 5 love languages and learning to speak the primary love language of your spouse may radically affect his or her behaviour. People behave differently when their emotional love tanks are full.

One thing I have realized over the years? My love languages change on a regular basis and I am not sure this is normal…

How this book can help you? It will show you how to love. How to watch the people around you and see how they need to be loved. It takes it all and makes it SO SIMPLE that anyone can do it!



What I didn’t love

This book has some faith aspects, which are awesome for me, but some people struggle with that. This would be the only downside for some.

Who I would recommend it to

All of the people in all of the land! This book helps you understand how to love people in the most basic but complex way and it changes lives on the daily.  

Would I read it again 

I read this one yearly.