Crazy Read 2018 – Awaken the Giant Within

BOOK #32

Book Title:     Awaken the Giant Within

Author:           Tony Robbins

Length:           512 pages

Score:              9/10

What I Loved 

It’s Tony! What do I not love about him? Ok. So maybe there are a few things, but Awaken the Giant Within is a damn good book.

While I have had the privilege to go to a few of his conferences, not everyone can and if you can’t, you need to read this book. Yes, it is huge and yes, it has a lot of words, but it is a good resource to have for those of us who want to change our lives.  

Robbins wrote this book in 1991 and yet it is still as useful now as ever. If I feel myself slipping and falling back into old habits or beliefs, this is a good book to pick up and get myself back on track with.  

The blurb on Amazon introduces the basic premise, and that alone will either pique your interest or send you running, depending on how into the subject matter you are: “The acknowledged expert in the psychology of change, Anthony Robbins provides a step-by-step program teaching the fundamental lessons of self-mastery that will enable you to discover your true purpose, take control of your life, and harness the forces that shape your destiny.”

I’m all about making positive changes and self-mastery, so I loved reading Awaken the Giant Within.

There are three major lessons in this book:

  1. Associate bad habits with pain and good ones with pleasure in order to get the results you want.
  2. When you change the words you use, it transforms how you feel and how you deal with the problems that come up in life.
  3. You can make up your own rules and values, then communicate them and live them in order to be a happier person!

Is this all that is in the book? NOPE! But it is a good start.  

So how do these lessons work in my life?

  1. Associate bad habits with pain and good ones with pleasure: I associate eating sugar with physical pain in my body more than I associate it with yummy food. Now, It is not even remotely a concern for me. When I see sugar, I see pain and it keeps me from wanting it.
  2. Change the words you use: In my life, that means I need to stop saying negative things! I stopped saying “I’m fine” and starting saying “Amazing!” or “Outstanding!” I am not exaggerating to say that it changes my mental state more than I can explain.  
  3. Make up your own rules and values and live by them: I’m a rebel! I make my own rules! A big one for me was what society says it is to be a woman. You know, where women are supposed to have kids?

    My rule is that I don’t have to have kids. I also reject the rule that everyone has to follow the same schedule. I get up at 4:30 a.m. That’s what works for me! I also work when I want, for as many hours as I want. I am not only happier, but I feel no guilt around many things in my life because of advice like this.

There were few amazing quotes that I LOVED (and even have a few of up in my house):

“Your brain can’t tell the difference between something you vividly imagine and something you actually experience.”

“If you don’t set a baseline standard for what you’ll accept in your life, you’ll find it’s easy to slip into behaviours and attitudes or a quality of life that’s far below what you deserve. You need to set and live by these standards no matter what happens in your life.” This one is HUGE!!!!! for me. In my life I have often lowered my standards in terms of how I am treated by certain people, and even how well I treated myself! And even how much care I took of myself.  

When I set up the boundaries I needed to have in place in order to get what I deserved and was ok with, it was a GAME CHANGER. While it is not always easy, I often think that change is hard, but staying the same is hard. I love change way too much to stay in a state of suffering.  

“Most fears in life rarely come to fruition.” Think about this one for a minute. Seriously. Read it MANY times over and over and really think about it. We spent so much time scared, worried, and living in a state of fear, and yet if we were to look back on those times? How many of those things actually happened?



What I didn’t love

So. Many. Words. It is the double edged sword of Tony Robbins. So many good words but SO. MANY. WORDS. And it is often too many. His books and videos would be even more useful if they were condensed down into key points and action points, without so much fluff.

Who I would recommend it to

All of the people in all of the land! Anyone wanting growth and change in their life should read this book at some point.

Would I read it again 

I will not only read this one again, but I also do other programs by him on a regular basis in order to keep my life on track and my brain sharper.