Crazy Read 2018 – The Big Leap

BOOK #49

Book Title:    The Big Leap

Author:        Gay Hendricks

Length:        224  pages

Score:           7/10

What I Loved 

The concept of this book was really good. It was quite similar to other ones that I have read though so there was not a lot of “new” material. The basis of this book is that we all have an upper limit problem. That space that where we don’t actually believe that we are deserving of what we have and more and so we settle. Usually in that space we start to self sabotage in order to hold ourselves back. This book looks at how to overcome that and how to break through that space.

“If I cling to the notion that something’s not possible, I’m arguing in favor of limitation. And if I argue for my limitations, I get to keep them”.

One of the the lessons that I learned in this book was  that when we don’t believe we deserve to be happy all the time, we cap our levels of joy for no reason. This about this. This is all areas of our lives. If you told our grandparents back in horse and buggy eras that we would one day be able to drive cars that exceed 280 kms per hour, they would have laughed at us! I have even read about how they would only make trains go so fast as people thought their bodies would actually explode. We believe so deeply that we can’t do something that it stops us. He also goes into how the two common upper limits are fear and self sabotage. Huh. Anyone surprised by this?? Lol. We all do it which is the crazy thing.

The 4 main operating zones is another major part of this book.  He talks about the zones and where we are and where we need to go. Without re-writing the entire book, they are Zone of Incompetence, Zone of Competence, Zone of Excellence, Zone of Genius.

Where are you living?

I am going to have to read this one again. I did find it very interesting!

The Big Leap – Watch Now

What I didn’t love

I did find that this book was oddly hard to follow as an audio book. I wanted to do this one without a paper copy (as a test for my brain for how it works) but I really need one. I found like with most books this was a lot of motivation and not a lot of hands on work. While I don’t like pages of homework, I do love a good strategy. I also was really wanting something new. This is a struggle for me though lately with all I have read this year!

Who I would recommend it to

Anyone wondering why they keep self sabotaging. It will help you to understand it more.

Would I read it again 

Probably yes!