Crazy Read 2018 – Review and Top Picks

I did it!!! While I didn’t get to the 75 I had set, I did OUTSTANDING and do not even remotely feel as though I failed. What caused the stop? My brain was feeling overwhelmed and while I wanted to keep reading, the thought of a new book each time was making me a little angry! I wanted to go back and read previous books again. I feel that there are 2 different ways to read books.

Read them and move on or read them, study them, take the good out of them and implement it in your life!

I was starting to do too much of the first when all I wanted was the second. Does this mean the project is done? YES. But I am not done reading and will continue to update you on what I am reading on a regular basis.

One of the questions I have been asked numerous times this year is “What is the best book you have read?” I always laugh and ask what they are looking for. This is a loaded question! I did not pick a theme for this project other than I wanted to learn something. I wanted to be challenged by each book and I wanted a variety. They were all growth and development books or autobiographies.

My lovely and amazing assistant challenged me to pick my top 5 and give reasons why so in typical rule breaking fashion, here are my top 6 (in no particular order).


When a book says “A no fucks given guide” on it, you know I was intrigued. I loved the style of this book. The amount of times I laughed reading it surprised me! I loved it. It was an easy read. Not overly difficult in the concepts but some new ones and that I appreciated. It is one that is at the top of my list for a re-read in the new year. This one stuck with me and I am curious to see what else I learn from it.


Are there even words for Brene Brown? She is such an inspiration to me and in my life. I had heard her name but held it in the same category as some of the more new age fluffy spiritual guides that I often struggle with and so I avoided her for years. As part of this challenge, I wanted to spread my own boundaries and wings and man alive am I glad I did. This is not an easy read. As in you will feel like you are being challenged a stretched a lot and for a lover of that feeling? I am ok with that. This book gave me permission to be vulnerable. I feel like it showed me that the cracks in my walls and foundation are not always a bad thing. We live in this obnoxious time of “must be perfect before we do it’ but that is all crap. We need to actually just jump in and do it. I loved the power that this book fed me. I will read this one right away.

ELON MUSK by Ashlee Vance

I know, I know. How the heck did this book make it to the top of the list? And the answer might surprise you. I HAVE NO IDEA!!! When I was looking at the list of books and then at the shelf covered in them, this one kept standing out. Do I think he may be crazy? Maybe. Do I think he is going to change the world? Yes. I LOVE the crazy in him that I found in this book. I love the details in this book. I feel like it partially humanized him but it also showed a lot of the behind the scenes. We see the end result of these crazy humans (think Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos etc) but we never see the beginning. We don’t see the struggle of what it took them to get where they are and this book allowed me to see that. I have big dreams and goals and dreams and often get laughed at for them and this book empowered me to keep going. It reminded me that it won’t happen on the first try but it will be amazing when it does and as long as I keep going? I will get there.

PICK THREE by Randi Zuckerberg

A NEW CONCEPT!!! I love that this book is realistic. It is written for the everyday woman who is supposed to be able to do all the things in all the land and still look good doing it and it is not realistic. While I am not a mom, I am still a wife and homemaker at heart and also want to build my business and I have always hated the term life/work balance. Now I know why!! Maybe that is why l love this book so much. It justified and validated my feelings. I love it though and would read it again in a heartbeat! This is one that I recommend especially to all my mom clients. And if you are considering and are hesitant due to her last name? Don’t. She is amazing and it is a super easy read.


Heads up: this book will challenge anything and everything you have ever believed about money. How much you get, deserve, accept… and more. I was raised with crazy rules around money and this book allowed me to break many of them. This book uses basic language, gives you homework and exercises to do (which I actually don’t love) but is one that I can’t wait to read. The small things I have put into practice have made a huge difference in my life and I know I will take even more from this book. She uses some fun language and stories but I adore that about here.

THE ENERGY BUS by Jon Gordon

This book. Oh this book. I was recommended this book from my assistant and I could not read it fast enough! I love the way this book reads. It is a small book that is written in a story fashion. Such an odd way for a business book but this was was more impactful than many of the large “important” books I read. This book has stuck so hard and become part of the language of our company and our family. It is 10 basic lessons and rules to change your life and I feel like everyone I know will be getting this for Christmas and birthdays this year. I can’t wait to read this again. I will put this on the annual list.


While this is just a small list of books that I loved, I enjoyed and loved many more. Some for leadership, others for inspiration, others for strategies for my business and others for my personal.

I LOVED this project and will not stop reading.

I challenge you to do your own project! I just hesitate to recommend a number this high. I think my goal for next year will be 25 or 30. That seems a little more actionable for me and my style of reading.

And I would love to know, what are your favorite books? What should I add to my ever growing list?

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