Crazy Read 2018 – Free Prize Inside


BOOK #16

Book Title:      Free Prize Inside

Author:            Seth Godin

Length:            183 Pages

Score:               8/10

What I Loved 

It was an easy read in terms of basic language, lots of examples and good ideas.

It made me think about business different, to really look at things around me and how other companies are advertising and how its working for them.

On Page 79 it talks about this:

I think the answer lies in the skeumorphs. This involves hiding the truly remarkable elements of your free prize behind comfortable features that people can believe in. Even though the watch on your wrist is digitally controlled, it still has hands. Postage meters still use symbols that look 100 years old. Toyota’s new Prius still looks like a car.

There is a bar in New York called Vynl (it’s way too hip for me, so I’ve never been inside). They have a very cool sign out front. The sign is remarkable, but the hardware holding it to the building is not. The brackets and screws are exactly what you’d expect them to be. They didn’t have to reinvent the very idea of a sign in order to put up something cool.

This book digs into the edge, how to step out of what you are doing, sell your idea and market to your clients in a different way.

It walks you through the process of how to do this in an organization and get your employees on board.

Page 160 talk about an edge of treating people unequally – which I found interesting:

Have you ever noticed that supermarkets do exactly the wrong thing? They reward their very worst customers (those buying a six pack and a pack of Kraft singles) with a super short line, while the schmo who’s buying $300 worth of groceries for a family of four is punished with the very longest line.

What if you reversed it? What if you bent over backwards to treat your very best customers dramatically better than everyone else. What would happen? You’d annoy some low profit customers. At the same time, your regular customers would see the advantage of becoming great customers.



What I didn’t love

As a solopreneur, it’s hard to step out of myself to come up with creative ideas when it’s just me.

I would have loved some strategies on how to do this and work these processes on my own.

Who I would recommend it to

Dreamers and employees or people that think they have the next best idea and need to know how to get it out there.

Would I read it again 


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