Crazy Read 2018 – Judgment Detox

BOOK #45

Book Title:    Judgement Detox: Release the Beliefs that Hold you Back from Living a Better Life

Author:        Gabrielle Bernstein

Length:          357  pages

Score:             6/10

What I Loved 

The fact that someone is willing to tackle judgement is amazing to me. We live in a world full of it and it is such a sad state. I often talk with clients about shifting perspective and truly stepping out of your own path and into someone else’s and Judgement Detox offers a unique and different way to detox your life from the judgement that you struggle with.  

The book’s blurb on says, Gabrielle Bernstein [provides] a clear, proactive, step-by-step process to release the beliefs that hold you back from living a better life.” It was about recognizing your own judgement, analyzing these thoughts, and practicing being non-judgemental.

While I did struggle with parts of the book, there were many parts that I loved and that I think about on a regular basis. “What or whom am I judging? How does this judgement make me feel? Why do I feel justified in this judgement? What moment in my life triggered me to feel justified in this judgement?”  

I do recommend stopping for a moment and thinking about who and what you judge. Is it the person not living up to your expectations? The person in the store whose cart is full of junk food? How someone is spending their money? These are a few basic judgements we make daily, and we need to step back and stop this behavior.

I consider myself to be an extremely accepting and non-judgemental person and this book caught me in a few areas of my own life where I could use some detoxing.

I challenge you to read this book or at least to look inside yourself and pay attention to your behaviours and thoughts. I bet you will find a few little monsters hiding in there. When you can release them? It is amazing how much deeper you can love people.


What I didn’t love

It didn’t resonate with me. I struggled with the feel of it and the exercises that were asked of me. For me, this was a personal thing, so I ask that you don’t judge this book based on that.

Who I would recommend it to

Mainly women who are spiritual and want to work through their issues with judgement. They would have to be very open-minded towards other spiritual modalities.

Would I read it again 


Judgement Detox – Watch Now

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