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BOOK #14

Book Title:      The Art of Stillness

Author:            Pico Iyer

Length:            66 pages

Score:               6/10

What I Loved 

Not a favourite.  I struggle with sitting still personally but I don’t have that big of a problem with it!

I was told one time, “you work and live with intensity so when you relax, you also do it with intensity.” It summed me up perfectly.  As long as I am not struggling mentally, or hurting relationships in my life… is it a problem that I work and play as hard as I do? While saying this, YES I believe that we need to decompress and breathe sometimes.

We need to sit and breathe. Whether through meditation or having a nap or just walking in nature.  I can’t imagine going on a silence retreat though!!! And if you have met me? You would understand that.

One section that I did find interesting though and will incorporate more into my life was page 44:

“…a third of American companies now have ‘stress reduction programs’, and the number is increasing by the day- in part because workers find unclogging their minds’ arteries to be so exhilarating.

More than 30 percent of those enrolled in such a program at Aetna, the giant health-care company, saw their levels of stress dropping by a a third after only an hour of yoga each week.

The computer chip maker, Intel experimented with a ‘quiet period’ of four hours every Tuesday, during which three hundred engineers and managers were asked to turn off their e-mail and phones and put up “do not disturb” signs on their doors in order to make space for “thinking time”.

The response proved so enthusiastic that the company inaugurated an eight-week program to encourage clearer thinking.

At General Mills, 80 percent of senior executives reported a positive change in their ability to make decisions, and 89 percent said that they had become better listeners, after a similar seven week program.”

How crazy is that!!! I will admit that after reading this book, I have been quicker to turn off my music, my background TV and more while working so that my brain in clearer.

I challenge you to try the same 🙂



What I didn’t love

It felt too intense and fluffy at the same time.  Does that make sense? It was deep and introspective but I am the girl who always wants a to to list and there wasn’t one.

Who I would recommend it to 

Anyone wanting to breathe deeper, be challenged by quiet and want a quick read.

Would I read it again 


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