Crazy Read 2018 – #6 The Happiness Equation

BOOK #6 

Book Title: The Happiness Equation

Author:       Neil Pasricha

Length:       269

Score:          8/10

What I Loved

I loved the way this book was laid out and how it was written.  It is divided by “secrets” and breaks it down into almost a more scientific way.

The section on how many decisions we make in a day was very interesting to me and while I consciously work on this daily, it felt nice to have someone justify what I have been thinking about for years!

I have even changed everything about my closet and house based on this!!

The 9 secrets are:

  1. be happy first
  2. do it for you
  3. remember the lottery
  4. never retire
  5. overvalue you
  6. create space
  7. just do it
  8. be you
  9. don’t take advice

Does this spill the secrets of the book? No.  But it hopefully makes you want to read it to find out what the heck this means.

One of my favourite parts of this book was the “Never Retire” section.

I have very strong opinions on retirement and will one day share them in a video but he validated every single one of them!!!!!

I loved it and got way too excited about this passage.  I often get asked what makes me so motivated and I always laugh and say “If you want to do something, just do it!”

And people say it is not that simple.

This passage made me smile:

“….. want to start exercising? Run out your door.  Just run.

It doesn’t matte what you’re wearing.  it doesn’t matter how far you go.  you could run for 2 minutes to the end fo your street and back.

The fact that you did it will convince you that you can do it.

Then you’ll want to do it.  Then you’ll be a confident and motivated person who buys some running shoes for the next time……… I learned it’s not easier said than done.

It’s easier done than said.”

I wish I could bottle this up and give it to people!!!

I appreciated the more fact based scientific abrupt approach of this book.  It triggered some more change in me and I always like that!


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What I didn’t love

The look turned me off right away! It felt like a copy cat version of Gretchen Rubins book of a similar title.

Not cool Mr Pasricha.

And I was not a fan of the “hand drawn” style scribbles.  They looked messy and childish and made me think of comic sans font.

Something silly but it irritated me!!

Who I would recommend it to 

Pretty much anyone!

While this book won’t give you a to do list of things to try to make you happy, it digs deeper into how to get there.

What steals our happiness and motivation and what to do to change that.

Would I read it again?


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