Crazy Read 2018 – #5 The Happiness Project


Book Title: The Happiness Project

Author:       Gretchen Rubin

Length:       298 pages plus extras

Score:          7 /10

What I Loved

“to be happy, I need to think about feeling good, feeling bad, and feeling right, in an atmosphere of growth.”

How it is laid out, the themes per month, how it challenged my thoughts.

I loved all the different options that she took on and some of her rules she set out

like her:

12 Commandments

  1. Be Gretchen
  2. Let it go
  3. Act the way I want to feel . . .


Secrets of Adulthood

   ~ It’s ok to ask for help

   ~ Bring a sweater

   ~ If you can’t find something, clean up

I also loved the idea of set items to focus on each month. I was even motivated to try a few changes in my own life!

What I didn’t love

I struggle with the thought that the world is here to make us happy.

I feel it is often setting up a precedent that we have to be happy all the time or else we are miserable instead of the fact that joy comes from within and we need that first and foremost.

And that sometimes? We are just neutral.

We don’t always have to have the super high highs and the super low lows. It is also hard to take it all from someone who even says that they have a lovely amazing life to begin with!

Who I would recommend it to

Someone wanting to add more happiness to their life, woman, people above the age of 30.

Would I read it again

Maybe in a few years or if I am struggling and want to increase the happiness in my life.

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