Crazy Read 2018 – #9 The Power of Habit



Book Title:     The Power of Habit

Author:           Charles Duhigg

Length:           286

Score:               8/10

What I Loved 

It gave me a totally different view of the world and marketing and advertising!! Wow. This also kind of pissed me off to be honest.

This book is based on habits and how they affect our lives. It then goes into how to change our own habits.

An example: “asking patients to describe what triggers their habitual behaviour is called, awareness training, and like AA’s insistence on forcing alcoholics to recognize their cues, it’s the first step in habit reversal training.”

This is talking about a cycle that is further explained in the book – Find your cue, what the routine is, and what the reward is. When you understand this, you can not only change your behaviours and habits but you can manipulate others as well!

There was a SHOCKING (but not) section in the book talking about what Target does to track all their shoppers and how they use this information to manipulate people into buying things.

Some habits are hard to change but I loved looking at this book through my own habit changes and seeing that I was doing it pretty close to his way all along!

This is a hard book to write about to be honest.  There was so much information and data and it was an intense but very interesting read.  SO much to take in that I am going to add it back to my list for next year as I want to learn more.

There is an appendix at the back of the book for quick use of the concepts and strategies that he talks about and this section? I will be reading over a few times in the next months as I continue to make more changes in my life.



What I didn’t love

Was very intense.  Not always the easiest read and I found I felt lost in the concepts at times only to feel like I understood them again and then to bounce back to lost.

Who I would recommend it to 

To anyone wanting to know more about the science behind our habits and who wants to change them.  Or just interested in why things are where they are in stores!

Would I read it again 

YES! This will hit my yearly list.


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