Crazy Read 2018 – Think & Grow Rich


BOOK #30

Book Title:   Think & Grow Rich

Author:         Napoleon Hill

Length:         231 pages

Score:            7/10

What I Loved 

I know that everyone loves this book, but I struggled with it.

I am going to read it again soon so that I can find the value in it more. I did read somewhere that some people need to read this book many times so that they find their value in it and I am claiming that this is my situation!!!

Oh dear…I read this one in audiobook form (as I often do) and that did help.

The book is broken down into 15 sections that all break down different strategies to get rich! The premise of the book if fairly basic: Wealth and riches begin with a state of mind.

If we want to get rich, we must first change our minds so that we become, as Napoleon Hill calls it, money conscious.

He says that we must literally THINK ourselves rich.

The term “riches,” by the way, could mean any form of wealth: Money, happiness, healthy relationships, business success etc., which makes it easier to recommend as not everyone is thinking money!

This book gives you a how-to guide on how to get wealthy!

It is one of the most popular books in the world, which is crazy and amazing, and makes me want to read it again sooner rather than later.

Here is the chapter breakdown:

1. Thoughts are Things
2. Desire
3. Faith
4. Autosuggestion
5. Specialized Knowledge
6. Imagination
7. Organized Planning
8. Decision
9. Persistence
10. Power of the Mastermind
11. The Master of Sex Transmutation
12. The Subconscious Mind
13. The Brain
14. The Sixth Sense
15. The Six Ghosts of Fear

Think and Grow Rich never claims to be a quick fix. He stresses patience and perseverance saying, “Without persistence, you will be defeated, even before you start. With persistence, you will win.”

And with that persistence, Hill says you need to have a burning desire to accomplish your goals.

Those pieces of advice sound great… in theory. But it leaves no room for the human reaction to failure. We can want to take a break or even give up.

Hill wants the reader to be like a spider that builds its web across a well used path; always rebuilding every time its web gets torn apart.

No matter how many times your web breaks, your plans fail, or you hit a setback, you MUST persist!

But we’re human. We fail, and it’s hard to keep getting back at it sometimes. Hill tells you, “Don’t get discouraged, don’t give up, and instead create a new plan and immediately start to put that plan into action.”



What I didn’t love

It was not the easiest read. It felt deep. It felt confusing at times.

Who I would recommend it to

People who want to improve areas of their lives through thought. You have to work for it though! So if you are not wanting to fight for it? Not your book.

Would I read it again 


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