Crazy Read 2018 – Who Moved My Cheese?

BOOK #50

Book Title:    Who Moved My Cheese?

Author:         Spencer Johnson, MD

Length:          94  pages

Score:            10/10

What I Loved 

Everything. I loved this book. It is an older classic (1998… is that old???) that I feel like EVERYONE needs to read. This book was awesome. It was simple. Basic. And yet was an interesting concept that can be used with everyone.

The book follows 4 characters who live in a maze.

The mice Scurry and Sniff and the two little people named Hem and Haw. All is going good as they have found the path to cheese but once it disappears, they struggle with what to do next. This book is incredible. It is a basic way to see options for dealing with change in your work and your life and how sitting around trying the same thing over and over will never get us anywhere and we will one day die from it. HOW TRUE IS THAT!!!

Life is changing all around us and yet we get caught up in our comfort zones and forget how to adjust.

Does anyone remember the scene in Friends where Ross yells “PIVOT”? Think of it as that.  We need to be willing to shift and change and pivot in our daily lives so that we don’t get stuck. I love these books where it takes a basic concept and makes it so that we can actually “see” it. How often are we stuck and we can’t see it in front of us? I know I get there sometimes and count on my coach and others in my life to point this out to me.

“If you do not change, you can become extinct.”

Read that a few times and really let that sink in. Think of magazines, Blockbuster and more. They didn’t change and they are now gone or almost gone! Three huge lessons in this book are: thinking too much about your cheese might paralyze you. Stop thinking and start chasing it.

Nothing lasts forever so be willing to keep your eyes open for changes happening.

And that there is always new cheese to be found! The minute you start moving? Life gets better.  This week I hung some art in my office in the shape of the Nike symbol. A reminder to JUST DO IT. Don’t get stuck in what you have done. Shift. Pivot. Get off my butt and make change. This book is small and simple but has a big lesson. Read it.


What I didn’t love

Nothing. I loved this book.

Who I would recommend it to


Would I read it again 

YES! I would for sure

Who Moved My Cheese? – Watch Now