Crazy Read 2018 – #7 Winners Never Cheat

crazy read number 7


Book Title:      Winners Never Cheat

Author:            Jon M Huntsman

Length:           224 pages

Score:               8/10

What I Loved

This book surprised me! it is this little unassuming book and yet it was filled with less fluff and more DEPTH than most of the books I have read.

I had no idea who this man was but it was a recommendation so I thought WHY NOT!

I am a believer that even in the books I am not a fan of on the shelf, I may find some nuggets in there that will make me think and this book did just that.

This is a man with more integrity in his pinky finger than I think most business owners out there!!!

A few sections I loved

“Once you compromise your values by agreeing to bribes and payoffs, it is difficult ever to re-establish your reputation or credibility.

Therefore, carefully choose your partner, be they individuals, companies or nations.”

“The devil never makes you do anything.  Be honest. Improper actions often appear to be easier routes, or require no courage, or are temporarily advantageous.”

“Mistakes are not the problem.  How one identifies and corrects errors, how one turns failure into a new opportunity, and how one learns from those mistakes, determines the quality and durability of leaders”

“What’s the formula for starting at nothing and arriving at wealth? My initial answer is to underscore integrity, vision, commitment, generosity, self-confidence, and the courage to make decisions that set one apart from a competitor or from what currently is the marketplace norm.

Then I add:

The first and most important decision in one’s success is carefully choosing the people who surround you.  Make sure they share your values, make certain their character defaults to high moral ground in times of stress, ensue they are bright and comprehend results, and be confident of their loyalty.”



What I didn’t love

I would love to have heard more about his early years.  It is hard sometimes when people are talking in millions and billions to be able to connect with them.

He also gets quite ranty about lawyers and a few political things that are very tied to where he is from that were lost on me and made me cringe and turn the page.

Who I would recommend it to 

Business owners who want to do something different.

Would I read it again 

Yes.  I would guess every few years at this point.  LOTS of good areas and the majority of it is folded pages or highlighted sections.

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