Crazy Read 2018 – You Are A Badass At Making Money


BOOK #26

Book Title: You are a Badass at Making Money

Author:        Jen Sincero

Length:        267 pages

Score:           9/10

What I Loved 

What an interesting book! I was personally raised with some CRAZY ASS RULES around money.

What do I mean by that?

I am talking everything from how much is enough money, how to spend your money, how much debt is allowed, how much money we are worthy of!

CRAZY RULES. We all have them, and yet I am not sure how many of us have actually paid attention to them!

Our cultures and families put such expectations on us and this book pointed out so many of them to the reader.

Sincero takes away a lot of these attitudes and also gives you new ways to think about how much you want, what you want to do with it, and how to attract it.

My niece followed along on You are a Badass at Making Money with me and it has been interesting to see how she interpreted it. She loved it and found it very influential!

To Get Rich

Each chapter ended with a section that was very fun to do. It has a “to get rich” section that takes you through suggestions: for example, have a “money mantra” (say it, write it, feel it, own it).

Jen Sincero suggests, “I love money because I love myself.”

Another suggestion, make a list of questions: for example, make a list of all the reasons why you deserve money and a fill in the blank “power statement.”

A Shift In My Money Perspective

This book was very empowering and, to be honest, it took away a lot of the guilt that I have lived with my entire life around money and finances.

I have such a huge desire to give and help and donate and now my new views on money will allow me to make an even bigger difference.

Please read this book. If you have ever had guilt or shame around wealth or money or you want to figure out how to increase your money, this is a good book for you.

This book is also an easy read! Fun language at times, lots of humour, and a good read for anyone.



What I didn’t love

I would say that only thing I didn’t love was that all the end-of-chapter sections felt like a lot of work.

I struggled with thinking I needed to say ALL the mantras or do ALL the things and that became overwhelming very fast.

This book would be a solid 10/10 if it had a quick “How To” guide at the back with how to use it in the most effective way.

Who I would recommend it to

Anyone wanting to make more money! Male or female. There is some adult language in it but not in a shocking amount. So it didn’t phase me, but that is a warning.

Would I read it again 


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