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Crazy Read 2018 – Your Money Or Your Life


BOOK #13

Book Title: Your Money or Your Life

Author:       Vicki Robin

Length:       303 pages

Score:          7/10

What I Loved 

I loved the part where it talked about how to look at your money as more than just your hourly wage.

“Once upon a time ‘earning a living’ was the means to an end.  The means was ‘earning’; the end was ‘living’.

Over time our relationship with money- earning it, spending it, investing it, owing it, protecting it, worrying about it- has taken over the major part of our lives.  Most of us spend much more than 40 hours out of the week’s total of 168 hours earning money.

We must take time to dress for our jobs, commute to our jobs, think about our jobs at work and at home, ‘decompress’ from our jobs.  We must spend our evenings and weekends in mindless ‘escape entertainment’ in order to ‘recreate’ from our jobs.

We must occasionally ‘vacate’ our jobs, or spend time at the doctor’s office to repair our job-stressed health.  We need to plan our ‘careers’, attend job seminars or union meetings, lobby or picket for our jobs.

We must spend money to maintain our jobs – job costuming, commuting costs, food bought expensively at the workplace.  We must spend so that our neighbourhood, house, car, lifestyle and even life mate reflect our ‘position’ in the work world.”

She then goes through what you actually make and how to convert those numbers into a concept called Life Energy.  So when you shop or spend money on anything, how many hours do you ACTUALLY have to work in order to pay for it?!?!

How crazy is that thought. The example she gave had someone starting with $17 per hour and ending up at $6.  OUCH.  If you are curious about what you actually make? You should really check out this book.



What I didn’t love

While this book may be helpful for many, I found it to be hard.

The concepts didn’t click very well with my brain and I found it A LOT OF WORK and wasn’t mentally prepared for it.

I already think in a lot of these ways and have been working my way to better finances but I am not sure this book was the one to help me.

I might try it again one day when I have more time to put into it.

Who I would recommend it to 

People wanting to understand their finances and the physiology behind it all.

Would I read it again 

Maybe.  Just maybe.  I will let you know!