Why bother offering employees Coaching?

You’re already investing in your company’s future. You’re investing your time, your money, and your resources. 

But are you investing in your employees? They’re one of your greatest assets and you treat them really well, but you’re probably not thinking about taking care of them in the same ways you’d think about taking care of a company, a computer, or a special piece of equipment. 

Employees need maintenance, too. They’re literally working to grow your business, so it only makes sense to give them what they need to take their work to the next step, right?

Sure – you can throw office parties and give them bonuses. But those are just rewards. The investment they need to really take their work, careers, teamwork, and confidence to the next level is coaching.

Invest in their Success

When you provide learning opportunities for your team, the payoff is immeasurable. Here are a few payoffs that my corporate clients have seen after just a few group and one-on-one coaching sessions with employees.


Everyone Gets on the Same Page

Your company is working toward a goal. So everyone on your team should be contributing to that goal. Now ask yourself, is everyone working toward that goal? 

Lots of employees are just there to get a paycheque and go home. That’s not a judgement. It’s just their main motivation for coming to work. If you can give them something else to motivate them – like a really big and exciting goal to work toward – then you can shift that mindset so it benefits them and you. 

Coaching shows employees that they’re a vital part of your business and motivates them to continue putting their best work forward.

Improve Performance

I’ve talked to plenty of business owners and managers who aren’t lining up with their employees. The people in charge think employees aren’t meeting expectations, but in a lot of cases, the employees don’t know what the expectations are or how to meet them. 

If someone is underperforming, they need to know what needs to improve and how. That information coming from a coach can often feel more constructive than when it comes from a boss or colleague. 

Engage Your Employees

When your employees love their job and feel fulfilled, they’re more likely to go above and beyond and make strong contributions. If an employee is unengaged, you’ll probably find they are underperforming and uninterested. As a MAJOR bonus, keeping your employees engaged also means fewer sick days, less turn over, and fewer conflicts.

Coaching increases employee engagement, not just with the company and their work, but with the other members of their team. They can better see how they fit into the puzzle and how important their role is – no matter what role they are playing. 

Keep Your Employees

Without people, you couldn’t grow your company. And if they leave, you’re stuck trying to find and train a new employee. That costs time and money. Plus, it’s just plain stressful for most businesses. 

Retention can be hard, but for those amazing employees you don’t want to lose, it’s worth investing in! Coaching helps your employees feel more fulfilled in their position. They know they can learn and improve, which means they’re more likely to stay and grow with you. 

Coach Continually!

Coaching isn’t just a one-time instance when you bring in a professional like me to help your team. It’s an ongoing process. You need to constantly coach your team to keep your company moving forward. 

Coaching comes from collaboration. Make the time to sit and chat with your employees. Address issues as they arise. Provide training opportunities and feedback. All of this helps your team, and your company, grow! 

If you want leadership training to help you create a workflow for your ongoing employee coaching and training, I can help!

Professional Coaching Sessions

My coaching sessions are designed to encourage, educate, and motivate your employees. The goal of every coaching session should be improvement. And when your employees are improving, your business can only grow.

I’ve helped businesses in every stage, whether they’re start-ups that are building their teams, businesses going through major growth and expansion, up to multi-department teams that need help with leadership and collaboration. Get in touch today to book your company’s training session!