How To Hack Motivation When Life Is Overwhelming!!!

How To Hack Motivation When Life Is Overwhelming!!!

Hello, and welcome to the blog version of a Livestream I did. For this video I wanted to answer a question someone asked me, which was, “What do you do when you have lost all of your motivation. When you’re not finding your jam.”

The times in your life when you’re just like, “I’m not creative, I’m not feeling it.” When you don’t know what’s going on.

What do you do? So, here are some recommendations.

Hack #1

If it is anything artistic, if it has anything with content, get off social media, or go electronics-free for at least a day or two. Give yourself some really great decompression time. It helps immensely.

One of the reasons why this helps, is it gives your brain the opportunity to get creative again. The absence of all the brain clutter helps you find something to do.

We’re so used to just shutting our brains off. We’re so used to just going in and watching TV. Just cold turkey yourself for a few days.

Like To Watch Instead Of Read – Watch Now

Hack #2

The second thing you can do to get yourself out of a jam is force yourself to do what you’re trying to do. Force yourself to do it.

I read about something Jerry Seinfeld does: He has like a calendar in his office, and he puts this giant red X on every single day that he writes comedy, saying, “Sometimes you just have to do it and force yourself.”

And it might suck! It might be the worst thing ever. That’s not the point. The point is doing it. What happens is it builds like a muscle and it gets more and more and more and more creative and you get all the growth out of the way and then all of a sudden you have your content back again.

With myself, my writing, I would just force myself to sit down and write even if it made no sense. And I deleted it all after. I just needed to force myself to do the action, and then my brain starts to figure it out because it knows I’m going to be doing it.

Just jump in and force yourself. But the other thing with all this stuff going on right now, your brain could be going all chaotic with sensory overload. The stress and all of the stuff that we’re reading and hearing and seeing and everything else.

Like To Listen Instead Of Read – Listen Now

Hack #3

Try to distract your senses with something different. Some of the things I do is I’ll burn a really strong smelling candle or I’ll blare really intense music or write something. That tells my brain that it’s time for a distraction. And then I get so focused on my other senses and I can actually be more creative and do what I need to do.

What About You?

Those are my tips for motivation amid all the chaos. Go electronics free for a while, force yourself to do the thing you need to do, and distract your senses with something that will get your head in a completely different space.

What do you do when you’re not feeling motivated? Let me know in the comments!

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