Life Hacks – Bulletproof and Dietary Scrappiness


For anyone who knows me, you know how scrappy I am when it comes to my health.

I am a fighter and not much will stand in my way!

This being said, last year I was giving up.

I had more health issues than I care to admit or even really remember:

  • Foot pain to the point of barely walking,
  • migraines DAILY,
  • fibromyalgia and every symptom that goes with it,
  • not sleeping more than a few hours a night and
  • debilitating physical pain that had caused blackouts daily.

It was a lovely time in my life….

I was told by a dear friend about a book I should read. In the state I was in, I bought it, handed it to my husband and said “HELP.”

He read it and then challenged me to change a few things in my life. One being MY FOOD. I have never been a BAD eater, but I have never in my life eaten as clean as I do now.

I started eating and following a “Bulletproof” lifestyle.

On a Bulletproof diet

  • All meat is grass fed and grass finished
  • Berries
  • Some veggies
  • Sweet potatoes and some white rice for carbs
  • High fat
  • Bulletproof coffee for breakfast daily
  • Bulletproof fat water throughout the day for energy

These were BIG adjustments, but I cut it all cold turkey (dairy, wheat, sugar!!!, Starbucks etc) and decided WHY NOT!?

I could do anything for three months, so why not this. I bit the bullet, gave away all my food, and wrote out my food list.

Was it easy? NO. Was it worth it? YES!!!!!

Within 2 Weeks:



No more foot pain

And sleep was improving

Within 1 Month:

I felt 100%.

I am not joking or even exaggerating.

I have spent years wondering what all I could get done if only I didn’t feel like I was dying every single day. How happy could I be? How much energy would I have? Would I actually love life even more than now???

And I finally had the answers.

Am I saying that this is the answer for everyone? Who knows. Every body is unique and everyone needs to find what works for them.


However, this way of eating was great for my niece, too.

My teenage niece has been living with us for a month and her acne has all cleared up and her behaviours and attitude have DRASTICALLY improved to the point where when we feed her other things (sugars, wheat, etc.) she notices and feels out of control in regards to her emotions and behaviours.

No, this is not an ad. I am not making money on this.

I am just a believer in fighting for your health and taking ownership of the results! Will I continue to eat this way forever? Who knows.  But ideally I would based on how I feel today.

I have seen changes in the health of my husband, many clients, and even friends who have started changing their food choices and it is awe inspiring to watch.

To Dave Asprey: Thank you.  Just thank you.

So where to start if you want to try?

Let me tell you it is not the easiest way to eat at first.

My recommendation to you is start with his books – “Bulletproof the Diet” and “Head Strong” which detail out to you what the diet is, how it works, and the science behind it all.

Now that you are totally overwhelmed? I will tell you where I get everything and give you some meal ideas. Feel free as well to email me and I will help you out as much as I can in regards to this.

Bulletproof Food

Meat: I googled “grass fed grass finished” in my area and found 2 farms. I don’t do amazing with chicken and turkey but still have them occasionally and they come locally at Blush Lane Organic Market. The brand is Sun Works. My beef and pork I order from TK Ranch. I also get my eggs from there. They are located in Southern Alberta but do ship and deliver to most areas.

Fruit and Veggies: I just get these at the local grocery store. This is where I break some rules.  I do not do organic as the mold and brown spots are really bad and I struggle to find organic without these. I do grab as much as I can though from farmers markets in my area, which helps a lot and makes me feel good about supporting locals

Bulletproof Products: I get these all from the Bulletproof website . I know I can get some of them locally at a few health food stores but based on time constraints, I tend to just order it all in online and have it shipped. For me, it’s easiest and even with exchange rates is comparable to buying products from local stores.

Grass Fed Butter: Planet Organic Kiwi Pure brand. Once or twice a year it goes on sale and I buy MASS quantities and freeze it. My last buy was 60 pounds…

Snacks: Mary’s Crackers, avocado oil chips and veggie chips, 85% dark organic chocolate, and a few recipes for cookies that I found on I also make Bulletproof ice cream.

I hope that this helps!

And if nothing else? Gives you the motivation to fight a little harder for your health.

Each person is different, each body is different, but we are all worth fighting for.

Pick something, try it for six months and see what happens!

It may have taken me MANY years, but man am I glad that I never gave up.