Life Hacks – Closet Wars – Part 1


Did you know on average a person makes 35,000 decisions per day?

Can we just talk about how crazy that is???

I was looking at my schedule one day and realized that I was probably tired from all the mundane decisions that I have to make every day.

I know this sounds strange, but stay with me (#lifehacker for life!): I spent a week where I focused on where my mental energy was going.

When I was feeling any strong emotions, like being excited, awake, or motivated, I consciously thought about what was going on in my head and at that moment in life when that mood dropped.

I noticed that one of the things that constantly triggered my emotions was when I walked into my closet.

Every time I walked into my closet, my mood dropped.

Not because it was a mess or unorganized or ugly even, it just dropped. I am not the most stylish person in a room and it is not something that comes naturally to me.

And I find that since I had an aneurysm years ago (Read My Story here), I seem to put up a mental block to clothes and it drives me insane. I struggle with HOW to wear my clothes and what to put together.

It’s not because I’m not organized. All of my clothes are sorted by themes.  From left to right: sweaters, jackets, tank tops, t-shirts, dressier shirts. All arranged by color.

Above that on a shelf all the clothes are arranged by type: skirts, pants, casual, tank tops, pj’s, and a basket with extras like bathing suits etc.

All I knew at that moment was that my closet had to change.

Life Hack: Organize your closet so that all your clothes match AND fit!

So one day, I stood there looking at all the things in my closet and it was making me more depressed and stressed out.

I was tired of looking at those old clothes that were tied to certain occasions or memories.

Some of them fit or barely fit. Some I hated, some I loved, but it’s way too cold to wear that. I started asking myself “You’ve got all these clothes and what do you do to keep it all accessible and inspiring?”

The closet inspired the google search for “decision paralysis”, “what the titans wear”, “how to cut back my clothing decisions”, “living minimalist” (which was quickly x-nayed because I like things!), and more.

I found one common theme resonating through all of my search results:

All of the bigs (Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, etc.) wore the same thing over and over.

They talked about how much this freed them up to do other things. The lack of choice made life so much better for them.

The Closet Transformation

So I made a change. I called a stylist I know (the woman behind All Set Style) and made a great request. “I want my entire wardrobe to be three shades and two colours.”

People thought I was nuts.

I thought I was nuts! But we did it.

There are a few stray items in there that I could not get rid of but, man alive, did it make a difference!!


Loving the Results

I now walk in my closet at any point in time and know the following things:

  1. Every. Single. Item. There. Fits.  

Think about that one for a second.

How many times have you stood there and pulled something out to think, “Ugh this is awful. This doesn’t fit. Maybe one day it will fit again. I can’t believe this doesn’t fit anymore. I have gotten so fat, I should really go to the gym again. Why do I even own this? etc, etc, etc.

That’s not a happy line of thinking to go through every time you look at your clothes! Seems to me those clothes need to go.

  1. Every single item goes with every single item.

Now, for the most part, I can grab a base item, find a top to put over and pair it with a bottom and there are no issues because they all match!

  1.  Less time deciding what to wear.

The decision process is now a question of how dressy or casual I want to be. That is about it.


Due to the fact that I am pretty rigid when it comes to the rules around buying clothes, I don’t shop very often.

If something is worn out, I will buy a replacement. If it is not in my colors, it doesn’t get a space in my closet.

Personal Challenge

Does your closet stress you out? Think about trying out this life hack. Narrow down your wardrobe to items that all match in just a few colors.

You don’t even have to throw everything out. Hang on to the rejects for a while. If you don’t miss them after a few months, consider getting rid of them when you come across that dusty box in the future.

And for those of you who are wondering, my colors are black, white, grey and blue and pink.