Life Hacks – Closet Wars – Part 2


If you haven’t already read my blog post Life Hacks – Closet Wars Part 1 I can give you a quick recap.

My closet used to be organized, yet lacking something…

so I asked a stylist (friend of mine) to help me re-organize and make it easier for me to get dressed in the morning.

War On My Closet

We whittled my wardrobe down so that everything matched, everything fit, and everything went together, which brought me to this next revelation.

While I was loving this lack of decision making in the morning, there was still something bugging me: I still had to waste time deciding what to wear every day.

This was easier now, and I was enjoying walking into my closet. But it had not taken away the issue of having to decide each morning in the first place.

This is where Part 2 comes into it.

For a week, I tried making the decision before bed the night before.

Good: It made my morning faster and simpler.

Bad: When I did this each night, I was exhausted and brain dead. It took me even longer at night than in the morning!

Week 1 and 2

I tried wearing the same outfit two days in a row (Yes, I changed socks, underwear, and tank tops daily).

This worked to minimize the decision making, but I had to be a little too careful due to seeing some people two days in a row and not wanting to be that “dirty” person who doesn’t change their clothes.

I didn’t want anyone to notice!! It took more effort than it should have with my schedule and closet.

Week 3

For a week, I just said “screw it” and went back to choosing what to wear every morning, except that while I was still in bed, I put together an outfit in my head first.

This was ok but, really, who wants to lie there thinking about that when you could be sleeping still? Or on Facebook??? Lol!


Week 4

Then on Week 4, I hit a gold mine. I marked it in my calendar that on Sunday (morning or night, no biggie) I would look at my calendar for the week and based on that I would lay out the next six days worth of clothes.

So I rearranged the closet a little, made a space right at the front for this to happen, and tried it out.

How did this work? As easy and 1,2,3

  1. I would grab a main piece (jacket/cardigan/shirt) I wanted to focus on for that day,
  2. layer the other pieces on top on the hanger and even add the bottoms if there was anything special for that day.
  3. I also added the jewelry if there was going to be any.

And they all got hung up, orderly and ready to go, within two feet of the closet entrance.

Can I just say GAME CHANGER?!

The War with my closet was done.


It takes me less than five minutes now that I have done this a few times. It takes almost no energy or effort, which is exactly what I want!

I get up in the morning, grab the nearest hangers, and get dressed.

There is no thought, there is no energy, and it allows me to see what I am actually wearing so I don’t get caught up in patterns.

What do I mean by patterns? When I get too tired, overwhelmed, or have strong emotions around ANYTHING, I typically go for black. That used to be the color I wore when I’m depressed.

While depression is not so much an issue for me anymore, I can often tell what is going on in my life by the colors I am pulling out for the week.

Now, if I see too much black I can easily recognize this and GET MORE COLOR IN THERE!

This is huge for me!

My mornings now have SO much less stress, way fewer decisions and more positive energy to go about my day… Which I need considering I get up at 4:30 in the morning now…

Check back for that hack!