Life Hacks – Daily Gratitude!

Daily Gratitude

is one of those things that I struggled with.

I preach to clients “HAVE GRATITUDE” every single day, but to actually sit down and create a practice around this seemed silly.

Did I really just write that?!

I would say it out loud, “Be grateful!” but the lazy factor in my life made me not want to write down the things I’m grateful for.

This year, I vowed to hack my life and I realized that this was a very important practice based on the books I was reading.

So I knew I needed to pick up the habit of focusing on and writing down the things I’m thankful for.

I found this amazing little journal that made it a little easier because I am nothing if not creative!

(If it isn’t “pretty” it doesn’t keep me focused. That might be a little sad, but I know how my brain works.)

I started with silly little things such as

  • “I am grateful for my pillow.”
  • “I am grateful for coffee. . . and other small things.

But soon I started listing things I’m grateful for on a deeper level

  • I am grateful for my body that fights so hard for me
  • I am grateful for my clients who allow me to be part of their journey

Do I recommend this as a daily practice? YES.

Is it always easy? NO. But I am spending more time in it each day and can honestly say I have not missed a day yet!

Why Gratitude Works

One of the huge reasons why gratitude works is it teaches you to be more aware of yourself and the things that make you happy.

When you start your day by listing a few things you’re grateful for, you inadvertently list the things that make you happy.

When you’re grateful for your career, your friends, and the things that make your life easier and more comfortable, experiencing these things on a daily basis makes you appreciate them more and get more pleasure from them.

Happiness breeds more happiness! And happy people live longer!

For a more detailed explanation on how gratitude can make you happier, read “6 Surprising Ways Being Grateful Makes You Happier.”

Another great article that goes more in-depth about practicing gratitude is “The Science Behind Gratitude,” which talks about how to do gratitude and how it works.

This article, “7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of being Grateful” talks about the benefits of gratitude from a psychological perspective.

The article also speaks to the fact that starting this new habit can be difficult, saying,

“Recognize and plan form the obstacles that may get in the way. For instance, if you tend to be exhausted at night, accept that it might not be the best time to focus [on gratefulness] for a few extra minutes and schedule your gratitude in the morning instead.”

And if you’ve finished reading all that, how about a video? (It is very touching… you will smile from ear to ear when you watch it.)

Start Your Own Gratitude Journey

Are you already thinking about the things you’re grateful for?

If you have, you’ve already started!

Keep it up, and you’ll be grateful that you did!