Life Hacks – Insomnia Solved!


Insomnia Solved

Are you tossing and turning all night? Exhausted everyday? Longing for just one full night sleep?

I know exactly what you are talking about. Insomnia had become a normal part of my life with fatigue and frustration upon me everyday.

The breakthrough came during this past year when I decided that health had to become one of my top priorities.

Insomnia began

after I had a brain aneurysm 20 years ago and continued until this year. I’m talking about a body that wants to go to bed at 5 a.m. and wake up at 1 p.m.

That isn’t very conducive to the lifestyle I want. In an ideal world, I would go to bed at a reasonable time and get up around 6 a.m.

So I have spent years trying anything and everything to help me sleep.

  • Dietary change
  • 4 different types of bedding: bamboo, linen, Egyptian cotton, cheap ikea
  • 11 different beds of all qualities
  • Hot or cold room
  • Multiple kinds of pajamas
  • Essential oils for aromatherapy
  • Natural remedies like melatonin
  • Alcohol
  • Sleeping pills

And the list goes on! It has been a crazy journey, and yet most nights I hardly sleep at all.

This year, I put “Sleep Better!” on the old vision board and added it to my “hack list” again. To kick off my new goal, I turned to Google to find something I haven’t tried yet…

And then, I found it!


It is called a Spoonk Mat and it is Fucking Outstanding!

A Spoonk Mat is an acupressure mat, which is basically a sleeping/camping mat that is covered in over 6200 tiny plastic spikes.

I picked up a Spoonk Mat – Spoonk  at a local store, with claims to – “Improve circulation, Boost energy, Relieve back, neck, hip and joint pain, Induce deeper sleep, Relieve muscle tension.”

A crazy mat that stabs you in the back to help you sleep?! To say I was skeptical is an understatement. I laughed to myself and thought, “Of course! Spikes to help me sleep!”

The next day I was thinking the same thing–minus the sarcasm–because it WORKED!

That first night, I lied on the Spoonk for about 20 minutes and all of a sudden I was SO tired. I slept like a baby… but woke up in disbelief. After everything I’d tried over the past 20 years, a spiky mat finally did the trick?

I was skeptical as hell

But I tried it again the next night and had the same thing happen! After 20 minutes I was crazy tired, and then I slept like the dead.

I still didn’t believe in the mat. Maybe I was more tired than I thought and I tried to sleep on my own for a couple nights to double check.

Then, on Day 9, after falling asleep 3 to 5 hours earlier than ever and not waking up all night, I finally decided it may work.

Who knew someone could be so insanely slow?!

After trying, testing, doubting, and testing some more I now freakishly love this thing.

It’s not 100% every single night, but over the last month, I slept well for all except two nights. That is an exciting average!

So if you struggle with sleep like me, go out and buy this thing! You will thank me.

A few tips for using the Spoonk

  1. For waking up: Stand on it for at least 10 minutes (without socks, if you can).
  2. For sleeping: Lie so that it pokes your neck. I know this sounds odd and uncomfortable, but it feels fine after a few minutes.It takes around 15-20 minutes of lying there for me to fall asleep. I quickly sit up, throw it on the floor and crash asleep. It is amazing!
  3. When throwing it on the floor, take a moment to make sure that it is spike side down.  Just trust me on this.
  4. Buy on Amazon Spoonk if possible as it is substantially cheaper. I paid $89 at planet organic market but have seen it as cheap as $35 online since!!

Read the Spoonk FAQ for how to use the mat and how it works.