Love Your Space Again With the Power Of Color

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How To Love Your Space Again With The Power Of Color

My theme for this month is going to be a big month of mental health and your space. So your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual financial space. You’re gonna see spots in my house you’ve never seen and it’s going to be a really vulnerable month for me in typical Dawn fashion, but it’s also going to be something that I think is going to help you guys in some really cool ways. 

One of the things I want to talk about today is the power of colors, colors that affect me (and you!) and the fact that we don’t realize this is going on. 

Aversion to Color and Recognizing the Colors that Help You

When I was dealing with the sexual abuse in my life, one of the things that stayed with me unconsciously was the colour of the room it happened in.

The room had this really weird mint green color. And because of that, I struggled with that color for years. Like, I could not have anything in my house with that shade of green. 

At one point we bought a house and the whole main floor was painted that exact green. I couldn’t walk into that house without feeling like I was about to lose my mind.

And people were like, “Why? Why are you guys painting an entire house before you move into it?” They didn’t understand why we rented our condo from the people who bought it for 10 days just so we could get rid of all of that color.

The thing is, I don’t think we realize how much color affects us. From the color of your walls to the color of your art to the color of your clothes, what kind of colors are around you?

Personally, when I start to get in a negative mood or really depressed, my clothes get darker and darker and darker.

If I am wearing all black, my mental state is not good. Like at all. If I wear too much red, I start to feel really aggressive. 

I don’t deal well with dark colors. I love dark colors in terms of a charcoal gray accent wall or something like that. But I’ve realized over the years that certain colors affect my mood.

So I need warmth, I need bright, I need light. 

For myself, anything forest green, and like rose, print, Victorian, anything like that always makes me think of my mom. That’s a really big mixed emotion for me, but it can be fun to think of her.

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The Current Colors in My Life

When I look at a home (when I’m house hunting), I have to make sure that there’s lots of windows. If the walls are painted too dark, they have to go lighter. 

Right now, the house I’m living in has odd colours. There’s this weird purple color that feels super cold and dark. I’m not allowed to paint the walls because it’s a rental, so thankfully the trim is really bright and white, which helps. 

For art on the walls, you’ll notice that I like my art to be really colorful, it’s really bright. It’s really happy. I also have tons of plants in my house, tons of life. Right? And I don’t think we pay enough attention to that. 

I was talking to a client a little while ago, and I was asking them where (in their house) are you your happiest? And she says, “My office.” And I was like, “Well, what color is it?” It was this crazy cool color. So what we realized is the rest of her house was a dark brown color that was making her depressed. 

It was so hard on her emotionally, but a couple gallons of paint could clear that right up. 

So right now, when we’re having to spend so much time at home, we should think about what we’re looking at color-wise, all day, every day. Color has a big impact on our psychology. 

Blues and greens, some really common colors, can have a positive affect on your mood. They’re alive and calming. Pink is calming.

A lot of prisons use pink color schemes. Red is passion. So red makes you angry or it can make you passionate.

Did you know that red also makes you hungry? Why do you think so many restaurants have it in their logos and color schemes? Same with the yellows and the oranges and the combination of that.

Look at every fast food restaurant on the planet. How many of them have those exact colors built into their branding. Those colors trigger your hunger. 

A really good friend of mine is a graphic designer and she is obsessed with colors and fonts and the meanings behind them and the feelings they bring up and what they do to the viewer. So if you are in business, that’s definitely something to look at. What are you portraying with your colors?

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What are Your Colors?

What are your favorite colors? What are the colors that make you happy? Are there colors that make you sad? Colors that remind you of things? 

So look around your space. Look around your house. Look around your office, your bedroom, all these different areas.

Are the colors feeding you or depleting you? Are they giving you life? Or are they killing you a little bit each day? If they are, is this something that you could change? Is this an easy, affordable way to uplift yourself? 

Dawn Taylor, founder of The Taylor Way Business, Relationship, Life coach strategist dancing and smiling