CORE 200

Hello. My name is Dawn and I am a growth junky. I know, I know. You probably know this already but I haven’t shared what I have been up to for the last few months! I have a dream… a crazy dream of getting my mastery in coaching. If you know me at all, you know I will do this. And probably fairly quickly! Interesting fact about me: I can only handle one goal at a time. Anything more than that and I do NOTHING. I pick one goal, become LASER focused and obsessively work at it until it is done. Then I move on to the next. This is the best and most productive way for my brain and I am not ok with it!

So my goal on January 1st? Finish my Core 200.

This is the second part of my schooling. There are 4 parts from start to finish in order to get my Mastery of Coaching and they are all a ton of work but I LOVE them.

In typical me fashion, I OBSESSED about it and finishing it rather quickly!!!

I am so proud of myself and my certification is in the mail as we speak.

I wanted to take a moment today to tell you a few of my favourite parts of what I have been learning.

Make An Ordeal Out Of It. This is an interesting strategy that came up in my training this round a few different times! Without going into crazy detail on the strategy and how to use it end of things, let me give you a real life example. I struggle with sleep. I will then lay there in bed and read books or play on my phone for hours every night waiting to get tired again. Instead of doing that, I have a rule that if I wake up? I have to get up and run up and down the stairs 4 times and then scrub a toilet or two. What this does is convince your brain (easy way to word it) that it would rather be sleeping than all of that and it turns waking up in the middle of the night into an “ordeal” so your body stays asleep. Let me tell you, IT WORKS!!

There was a large focus on this section on grieving and it was amazing timing as I had friends losing friends, family losing family and more and this came in so handy!! I was able to share my training in more ways than I thought and while death and grieving are not the focus of my company, it is still something that comes up often and so to be able to use it at the perfect timing was so great.

Expectations on people. There is this concept of Pick 3. Kind of like that book I read last year and loved but this is with people. Pick 3 behaviours/rules/structures that they have to stick to and that is it.  Especially with teens.

Ex. You have to go to school, you can’t do anything illegal, you have to respect your parents. Stop picking fights over the messy room, the odd hair or makeup, the other little things that don’t really matter. The pressure is so great these days that kids are falling apart. Trust me. I see it ALL the time.

While most want their training and their schooling to be done so that they can just move on a get a job and ignore it, I CRAVE it. You read that right! It is a crave issue for me. I have to get a few other things off my plate right now (my Transformation Blueprint Master Course YAY!!!!!) and finishing and publishing my book but the minute those are done? I will be back at the school work again. And I promise to share more of it as I learn next time!!!
What are you learning these days? What training have you done and loved?