February is the New January?


For some reason, I was not ready for January this year, just not ready. So I skipped it. I am not saying I did nothing and just ignored it…. Nope. Hard Nope. I worked harder than ever but calmly moved into the month with no changes. I am the change master and it was so odd for me to not make any changes, not set up my year for anything new or make any shifts. I decided to do this in February instead!

So you get to hear my goals, plans and phrases for this year if you are interested. Also, how I am going to do it!

I always have a few lofty goals for the year and this year is no different.  

Absofuckinglutely Outstanding

I refuse to settle this year. No suffering. I want to coach more, love my people harder, be more organized, laugh more etc. I want this to be an amazing year and that is my huge focus.

Focused Achievement

2018 I was on it. It was outstanding for me and my business but also my personal life! I don’t just want to float through this year. I want to crush this year in the most amazing way. I want to be laser focused on what I want to accomplish.


I don’t want to be stiff. I am not talking physically. I am talking emotionally. I want to be able to shift and pivot with a mastery like never before. If I hit a wall? I want to create a small wave but move in a different direction, like water. I also want to love this way. I want to be like water in rocks.  I want to fill in the gaps and be the best I can be for my people this year. I don’t want to get stuck. I want to be able to continue to move and flow.


When in a state of gratitude you cannot be in a state of anger or pain or negative. I want to see it. I want to see all the good, the things I should be celebrating, the things I should be focusing on and all that I have.


To do something with love, passion, soul and creativity: to leave a piece of yourself in your works. This. No other words needed.

I am so excited for this year!!!! I have to be honest. This month has already been amazing and exhausting and crazy and I am so glad I get 11 more chances to do this in 2019.

So, what are my goals this year?


These are a few of my massive goals and I will keep you updated on how this is going! 

For me? I have realized over the last few years that I do not do well with more than one goal at a time. I know this may sound crazy, but a few small things at a time? Not my style. In order to be fully effective, I pick one goal, laser focus and then crush it. I then move onto goal #2.

How do you work best? I used to try to do many at a time and then always felt like I was failing.

Today is the day! I start this all today. And I can’t wait. This is going to be my best year yet and I am excited to have you all on this journey with me.

Debt Repayment

This is the year that I am going to really tackle our medical debt. I am going to lovingly pay it off and be grateful that every one of those dollars saved my husbands life.

Finish 50% of my Mastery of Coaching

This is part of the completion parts of my focused achievement. This will be a TON of work for me and will mean that the 4:30am will not be stopping! I will need all the extra time in a day to learn. No pity needed. I am PUMPED for this.

Finish my Book & Publish it

I am putting this out there! I am 45,000 words in and know that this is going to happen this year. I am so excited. I just have to finish mapping it out now so that I can fill in the final gaps 🙂


I want to move my body more but not in a gym way. I want to jump on my rebounder more, golf more, walk more and laugh more. I have not figured out what my measurable amounts are on this but this is the year. My hormone struggles that have always made me so damn tired are finally getting figured out so as I get more energy, I get more excited for this one.