Pursuing Results – 6 Tips To Overcoming MAJOR Life Changes

Last week, I wrote about the brain aneurysm that almost took my life. If you have not read it, you can access it here.

I wanted to follow that traumatic experience up with 6 coping strategies that helped me through.

Tip #1 Feel The Feels

Accept that it is happening.  Feel the feels.

Get angry, cry, barter with God, rage, laugh, feel like you are going crazy but then sit and accept it.

Feel the feelings. All of them.

Tip #2 Who Is Your Person

Find a support person who is not going to allow you to fall into a pity party.

Yes, we all need someone to vent to and to hold us when we are weak but make sure you don’t choose an enabler who will allow you to drown it what is happening.

Tip #3 Breath

Breathe.  Give yourself grace in the situation.  No matter what it is, we always try to justify it or we allow ourselves to feel guilt around it and that is NOT HEALTHY.  The only way to deal with it is to go through it.  Give yourself grace.

Tip #4 Make A List

Make a list of all the things that are going amazing in your life and keep it on you at all times.  When you start to fall into the hell of your head or circumstance,  step back, breathe deep and read the list

Tip #5 Count

Count.  I used to count my days by as much as I could handle.  Some days it was living hour by hour.  Some days it was 10 minutes at a time and others? I would count to 60 over and over and over again until the moment passed.  There were days that I would do this all day and others that it was just once in awhile.

Tip #6 Find The Positive

Find the positive.  I know this sounds crazy but FIND ONE.  Anything.  When I broke my back, I was grateful I got time off school.  When I had an eating disorder, I was grateful I saved money on food.  When I was sexually abused, I was glad it was not rape and that it was me not my sister.  I have found a positive in every single situation.  Is it easy? NO.  Hell no.  But I truly believe it is necessary


Can you overcome your trauma? Heck yes.  Can you get through the major life changes that are going to hit? Yes.  Yes you can.  No matter how hard it feels right now? You’ve got this.  Dig deep.  Breathe.  And WALK THROUGH IT.  Kicking and screaming at times but You can do this.

 Dawn Writing On Notepad