Pursuing Results – Be Your Own Superhero

Undergarment Superpower

Picture this. I walk into my closet each morning and visualize myself as a superhero.

I know I know. Bear with me.

I reach into my underwear drawer, grabbing my Batman underwear, into my sock drawer grabbing my Wonder Woman socks and walk into my bedroom.

I slowly put them on, imaging myself as a superhero putting on my armour. I am now armed and ready to take on anything that comes my way!

What if I told you that I actually do this? Almost EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Everyday Superhero Armour

Though my strategy may sounds strange, the truth is that we all use “Armour” in one way or another everyday.

I was reading in “The Power of Habit” this morning about a Starbucks manager that would tell his staff that their aprons were their shield.

That shield made it so that nothing a customer said to them could pierce them and I actually said out loud, “YES!!!” as this is something that I teach people all the time.

This is a principle that is all through our lives, like when . . .

  • We put on uniforms, which builds confidence and makes us feel part of a team.
  • We put on “work clothes” that make us feel alive and good.
  • Woman put on their makeup to build their confidence.
  • A man I know puts on his watch every day in almost a ritual that makes him feel like he can tackle anything.

So what if we did this for our own lives? In a way that had nothing to do with work, or in a way that allowed us to walk out the door knowing we are powerful, amazing creatures that can OWN our days!

Personal Challenge

I challenge you to try this. Try out superhero undergarments like I have – there is something to be say about knowing that no one knows what you have on under your clothes and it is your little secret!!

Be the superhero in your own rescue! And in your own day.