Pursuing Results – Do Dreams Really Come True?


Yes.  Yes they do… but….

It depends on how you look at it.

Most people don’t know the difference between goals and dreams and how to intertwine them in order for them to actually come true.

This is the sticking point where most people end up disappointed.

To me, a dream is something in the future. It is something that is mostly unrealistic and has almost a fairytale like quality to it. It is something that has often been rumbling in our brains and thoughts for years.

A goal is something that you decide you are going to do and then you take action. This is where most people stop! And where I love to start.

My life, as you may know, has often felt more like a nightmare than a dream and yet I am making my dreams come true.

Want to know how?

Here is the secret to mine.

My massive dream to write these courses, launch them, and help as many people as I can has gone somewhat like this:

My 36 Steps To Complete A Massive Dream

  1. Think about it for YEARS
  2. Doubt I can do it
  3. Mind map it out and become overwhelmed
  4. Put it aside for a few months
  5. Pull it back out and decide it has to happen
  6. Mind map it out again with more detail
  7. Freak the shit out and hide it again!!!
  8. Decide again that it has to happen
  9. Take that mind map and put each tiny section on a new page of paper
  10. Realize that I can mentally handle it in smaller chunks
  11. Give myself permission to just “DO IT”
  12. Pick a random page and start brain dumping the details of the issue and how I would help someone
  13. Spend months working on this when I realize that it is not feasible to do 100 courses and that I need to break it out into larger categories
  14. Repeat steps 3-11
  15. Add 3 hours per day (7 days per week) into my calendar in order to get it all written out
  16. Find a client/friend willing to pick my brain for me while brain dumping, if I pay her with some moolah and good food!!
  17. Continue this massive amount of work and then stop myself yet again
  18. Start scouting out videographers for this massive project (around 700 videos total and 350 edited and usable)
  19. Realize that it is going to cost me more money than I can afford! (quotes from $300-$1200 PER VIDEO)
  20. Almost give up
  21. Have an amazing friend (the lower quote guy) offer to teach me to do it myself!
  22. Put out the expense for all of this while trying to convince my husband I will actually finish this project and sell courses
  23. Get the lights and camera and realize that I am terrified of being in front of a camera and I have no idea where to set it up
  24. Clean out yet another space in my house and decorate it and get backdrops made for filming
  25. Continue working on content
  26. Hire the most amazing graphic designer because I am going to do this right or nothing at all
  27. Continue working on content
  28. Continue working on content
  29. Start filming
  30. Learn to edit
  31. Still working 40+ hours a week and have been the entire time!!!
  32. Hire an amazing assistant, which terrifies me financially, but I realize that I physically cannot do everything that I need to do in order to get these out this lifetime due to my schedule
  33. Take on MORE clients to afford her.  Please remember that I am having to work to pay all my bills here too!!!
  34. Work my freaking butt off
  35. I am talking 4:30 a.m. – 8 p.m. EVERY SINGLE DAY
  36. Launch my courses


You Can Do It Too

Why am I telling you all of this?

Because YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!!!!

I had a crazy dream and with one small action, one small victory day after day, it all came together and happened.

I am writing this blog post the day before the launch and I have hardly slept in the last few days.


Because I am dreaming.

I am dreaming of all the people I can help, how many charities I can help, what the next courses are going to be and most of all?

Reminding myself of all the hard work that has gone into getting me to this place over the last few years.

People Only See The Results Of Your Dream

What people see? The end result.

But pay attention to that. The same goes for you.

When you are seeing everyone around you fulfilling their dreams? You have no idea what has gone on behind the scenes.

Use them for motivation for yourself and your own dreams.

What is it you want in life? Do you want a new car? To start a business? To make a million dollars? What is it?

Don’t worry about getting all your ducks in a row. Don’t worry about the doubt and the unworthiness factor.

Make a plan, schedule it into your calendar and just start. Click To Tweet

Take one small step towards it.

The time is going to pass anyways, so why not have it being used for your massive dream?

Dreams do come true… Because we have the power to make them happen.

~ Dawn

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