Loving People

The Power in Loving People

In my last post, I wrote about Loving yourself. If you missed it you can read it over here.

Being able to love yourself, the you deep inside, you will never truly be able to deeply love another. If you are thinking I am way off base, check out Loving Yourself-How Important Is It?

Loving Someone Beyond Romantic Love

With Valentine’s Day upon us, it would be fitting for me to talk about romantic love, but I am not, I am more focused on a heart-to-heart connection with another human. Maybe a true friend, someone who is passionate about the same hobby, or a little more removed – someone in need. Each is an opportunity to let someone  steal a piece of your heart.

The Selfish Reason To Love On Others?

As a Life Coach, the most fulfilling moment is not only the amazing results that my clients get but the love I get to give on a regular basis. Genuine love for people is what makes life go from routine to Freaking Amazing!

“Genuine love for people is what makes life go from routine to Freaking Amazing!” -Dawn Taylor

Are you ready to love on people in your everyday life? Show real interest in talking to someone new or someone that you have not connected with for a while.

Go out and help someone solve a problem or just spend time with them. By making sure another person feels love you in turn get to experience love right back.

Each of these things will fill your “love tank” – an invisible tank that is being filled and emptied everyday with feelings of being loved.

Dr. Gary Chapman uses this term with married couples in his article, Keeping The Love Tank Full, but you can use it in every relationship. A way to keep others “love tanks” full is by trying – 5 Foolproof Ideas to Rock Your Valentine’s Day freebie I shared last week.   You can sign up for it here.

Get Past Your Bullshit Meter.

When I was young, early twenties, I used to have what I called, “my bullshit meter” and everyone in my life knew this.

Every year around October I would start to hate people. I would lose all of my, “give a shits” and would get down right mean at times!

My Husband used to laugh and say “oh boy,… the meter is full” and then, what I presume, he would guard himself.

The real reason for my negative attitude was that I was so caught up in my lack of love for myself that I had no love to give others. This of course resulted in a less than lovely attitude to the people around me for several months till my hateful emotions subsided for yet another year.

The Strange Thing About Negative Thinking

The strange thing about negative thinking is that you believe you are in control, but the truth is that negativity turns on you and invites anxiety, fear, and depression to take up residency within your soul.

With behaviour so deeply ingrained, change was like steering a ship through a hurricane, hoping that you are not going to drown before the break.

Pursuing Love

I remember the day that I decided I was no longer going to measure people on this infamous meter. It was terrifying, and the most empowering thing I have ever done.

There was a resolve within that asserted that I was going to choose to love people exactly where they were and willfully believe that they were all doing their best.

Maybe not up to my standard but up to their own and that was all I could ask. It was a big year for me!!

Every time I found myself ready to scream or frustrated I would say to myself, “They are doing the best they can and my job is to just love them”.

I am not going to lie to you and tell you this was an easy thing to do. NOPE. That first year? I still ran out of love, it just happened in November instead of October.

The year after that? Love never ran out!

“It is easy to love people when they smell good, but sometimes they slip into the manure of life and smell awful. You must love them just as much when they smell foul.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to get honest about what you feel about the you behind big protective walls?

Can you think of ways to step outside of your comfort zone and just love the people around you?

I am not talking in some hoo hoo happy hippy way. I am talking in a “make your own life easier and your head a happier place to live in” kind of way.

I know that this may sound like work but what if you could shift your perspective and see change as completely selfish? Not for others, but for your own health – Mental and physical.

Let me tell you. The change? MINDBLOWING! I am a substantially happier person all around and my family doesn’t avoid me for the last quarter of the year anymore!! This is a win win.


Look around you and see who needs a little extra love! Whether a friend, a family member, a charity or someone in need!

And then? Go!

  • Spend a little extra time with them
  • buy them a treat
  • do something nice for them
  • write them a card telling them what you all love about them
  • give them a giant hug.

I promise that these actions of care will be more than worth while as you experience the power of loving people in your own life.

Loving People