Want to know how you can crush your goals in just 10 weeks?

Transformation Blueprint is for anyone that wants to absolutely crush a major goal (or multiple goals!).

The Taylor Way helps people to achieve goals in a matter of weeks that they have been struggling to accomplish for months, years and even decades. Hit the ground running and set yourself up for success, or reignite the passion you once had.

Katie Dooley with Paper Lime Creative shares her story on how she took this course, and re-branded her company in only a matter of weeks!

Dawn asked me in April 2019 if I would try out her new course, Transformation Blueprint. At that point, I had been coaching on and off with Dawn for about three years, and was excited by her developing a “fast-track” program.

The format was a 9-week (now 10) mastermind style, which I had never done before, so I was really intrigued about what the dynamic would be in the group and how we would watch each other grow and change over the course of over two months.

Everyone has to pick a BIG GOAL. You know that goal that you’ve always put off? You’re big “one day” or “someday” dream. Mine was to rebrand my business. It had been on my mind in some capacity for almost a year at this point. I knew my brand wasn’t targeting the people I wanted to target, and I wasn’t set up for the long term. Even though I brand other businesses, I sort of fell into mine. The brand I had at the start of Transformation Blueprint was a side project that ended up turning into a business as I got more serious about it, and then it felt too late to change. I was able to use Transformation Blueprint as a sounding board and an accountability partner to get my branding done properly.

In hindsight, one of my favourite moments of Transformation Blueprint was Week 3 or 4. We had ALL hit a wall. And while I don’t like to see other people struggle, when you’re a solopreneur sometimes (a lot of the time) you feel like you’re the only one going struggling or going through your particular challenge. When we all hit that wall together, it was really empowering to get through it with a team of people supporting me. Having outside perspectives on my challenge also made it way easier to get through that hump. And I hope that I was able to provide the same support and insight for my group as well. Even better when week 5 came, we had all broken down that wall and kept going strong until the end.

So who do I recommend Transformation Blueprint to? Anyone with that big goal they still want to accomplish. The one that makes their heart ache because they haven’t done it yet. This is a structured approach to achieving that goal with its own built in support system. I wish I had something this amazing earlier in my life!

Katie Dooley, The Founder Of Paper Lime Creative Smiling And Sitting On A Red Brick Window Sill And Wearing A Bright Green Blazer And Blue Jeans in Edmonton, Alberta

Each course includes:

10 weeks of live and interactive online training

• Homework and weekly accountability from Dawn and the other course members

• Two 2-hour long live calls with Dawn to work on “Towards and Away” values that are highly useful to understanding the roadblocks and mental challenges associated with your goal

125-page workbook to guide you through and track your progress

• Many opportunities each week to ask questions about specific challenges you are having, to share the exciting breakthroughs, and celebrate the wins along the way

• Direct communication with an extremely encouraging group of other course members who are willing to support you every step of the way

When Can I Start?

  • Starting January 14, 2020– occurring on Tuesday nights
  • Starting February 13, 2020– occurring on Thursday nights
  • Starting March 11, 2020– occurring on Wednesday nights
You can secure your spot in this course for $3,000.
Financing now available!

If you sign up and pay before December 15, you will receive a discounted price of $2,500!!

See what others have said about their experience with Transformation Blueprint

“Dawn’s Transformation Blueprint is a great tool for everyone! If you have that one goal that you’ve always been wanting to achieve this is a perfect way to structure yourself and ensure you achieve it. It’s amazing to go through the process with others and see where their pain points are and work through it together. If you’ve ever been unsure about using a Personal or Business Coach this is a great way to dip your toes in at a great value!”
“When I signed up for the Transformation Blueprint course, I had no idea what kind of a transformation I was going to make. While my goal had to do with my business numbers, I see now that my most valuable achievement is  the mindset shift that I made and am continuing to make. Dawn helped me to step up in my business and double my revenue, but more importantly I started to believe in myself. I can’t thank Dawn enough for giving me this gift. She is a true inspiration and really does lead you to see your inner rockstar. Thank you, Dawn!”

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