Working at The Taylor Way

I’m not sure who is more surprised I lasted a year.. myself or Dawn? 

Hey all, I’m Sasha and I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside Dawn for the last year (officially March 26) We’ve had our ups, some flatlines, not really any downs and ALOT of laughs… to the point some people think we never work. We do get a tonne of stuff done, we have very inappropriate conversations (some of you know this as your get the monthly phone call from us with a ridiculous question) and we have alot of fun!!

I wanted to share some insight (as much as I possibly can… I am signed to confidentiality so I can’t tell all the stories) to what it is like working here.

We Make Laughter a Priority

Alright sooooo some of you reading this are Dawns clients, some know Dawns story and some have stumbled to this post. Welcome. What we may all, or maybe not, all know is there are clients with some very heavy, real life trauma’s and situations. Now look, we ALL have had trauma’s at some time in life (weather we think we have or not) that have shaped us into who we have become. 

I don’t know all of the things that go on in the coaching room (and I don’t necessarily ever want to know) but I do know some things are hard to hear, even for Dawn, it is deep and sometimes heartbreaking. I know for Dawn it is incredibly rewarding for her to work with her clients through their stuff BUT sometimes it’s just plain heavy.

SO I try to keep it light, fun and help her (us) laugh. Sometimes it’s at some really random thought we think and for some reason decide to speak out loud, sometimes it’s at the dating story of the week (or dating fail of me or one of my friends) and sometimes for no reason at all, other than to laugh. It’s all fun, we giggle and laugh and enjoy our moments working together… and if we need backup laughter we have giggle juice in the office…. actually but haven’t busted into it yet.

We Get Shit Done

Dawn has NOOOOOOOO chill. I mean it, if it’s time to take down Christmas, we are doing it right now. If it’s time to change something in the company, it happens NOW. She get’s stuff done. Now I’m not saying I don’t work hard or fast, I just have learned a tonne about the DO IT NOW mentality. Make the call, network, meet that person, call them out, change that thing, move a house, you know ALL the things that continually change. I am the behind the scenes (which is the way I like it, to a point one client thinks I’m an actress that just shows up to make him think I “work” here).

We do get work done but have a few distractions and detours when Dawn is feeling, well… like she wants to climb up and hug her avocado tree). Patience I tell you – I have learned so much of this.

No Week (or Hour) is Ever the Same

In a year the company has progressed, evolved, changed, moved and transformed – so have Dawn and myself. When I say no two days are the same, I really do mean it. I have tasks, projects, things to do that are similar each day but unless you have spent time with us for a whole day you really have no clue how fast things can shift.

Dawn has a tenancy to throw 1000 things around and wants to do all of them. I have learned to say NO, and I say it often. Some things are an absolute NO and some are a no for now (until we get the other 40 things done, then it can be a yes). It’s sometimes frustrating but it comes out of her desire to serve, grow and live fully in and do every possible thing in life – a perspective more of us should have sometimes. 

In a year I have done: Course writing, filming, video editing, social media, learned how to use a Mac, website changes, written proposals for speaking gigs, emails (SO MANY EMAILS), filing, bookkeeping, yard maintenance, baked cookies, made appointments, moved a house and office, gone to speaking gigs, powerpoint presentations, scheduled, helped in business coaching sessions, newsletters, and so many other things I cannot even think of right now. 

A Day in The Life

Sasha’s Plan for the Day

8-11am: 3 hours of “Coaching” with Dawn via Zoom to then write then final content for Transformation Blueprint

11am-230pm: Build content for Instagram and schedule this in

2:30pm-5pm: Mini course edits, invoicing and Transformation Blueprint formatting

How the Day actually went …

Text from Dawn at 6:23 am saying come to the office around 8/830

Office at 8:30am – Chatted about the Master Course, distracted with other things, try to the Dawn back on track with what we needed to complete for the day (**I NEED TO GET THIS COURSE CONTENT FINALIZED**), me and her walked through towards and away values, rules people have and how they create them, how Dawn rewires them. She jokingly says a comment about another project and I’m a hard NO on this… we can chat about this again in September.

Office at 11:00am – Dawn leaves for a Networking event where she is speaking (yup already put all the materials she needs in her vehicle for her two days prior). Now I have uninterrupted focused time to edit and format course, print off materials and highlights areas I need edited by Dawn. Enjoy my takeout from Tuesday’s lunch (water was off in the office for a few days so we ate out… USUALLY Dawn makes me lunch EVERY SINGLE TIME I AM THERE – amazing. Yes I am spoiled, yes I went to school for Culinary Arts, and yes I much prefer to eat the food then to make it.)

Office at 2:30 – Dawn calls after her networking event. She gets back to office, and we send some emails to people she met there, make a list of people interested in more information about the course, we have a quick pow wow on the sales page for TTW website (which I will be building this weekend, stay tuned). She then has a meeting about her book and I get alot of the things on my to do list done for the day.

This was yesterday, actually went more according to plan than probably any other day. It’s alright if a day doesn’t go as planned (and I know that it won’t on a typical day) but we get alot accomplished, with about 3-5 new ideas of the day (which I make note of and have zero plans to start for another month…unless urgent of course) and we keep it fun, always in growth mode and kicking ass everyday to help serve more people… also if you are wondering I have only played lego for probably a total of 10 minutes.

There is a reason Dawn does the things she does: she genuinely cares. About her clients, about life and about making the impact she can while she is here. We have had tears, joy, prayer, giggles and have made incredible memories along this last year.

What is it like working for your boss?

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