Hi. I am Dawn Taylor . . .

founder of The Taylor Way, guaranteeing success one client at a time. I am a hope giver, ass kicker coach providing a safe place to land that enhances your potential to achieve desired goals in a shorter amount of time than you think.

“Own your life before it owns you.” – Dawn Taylor

Gain access to real results through customized plans and strategies that free you to experience phenomenal success. My coaching strategies apply to your personal life, your business life, and every area in between!

I truly believe you are amazing and ready to unlock your true potential through willing effort, a small amount of determination, no shame, and ready for one small action. By repeating these steps through my strategy-based, customized coaching program, you will become a complete gut-level Rockstar in your life.

Every program is customized to you and I am honored that you are here to check it out.

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My Road to Becoming a Successful Life Coach

Since 2008…

I have focused on achieving results as boss of my own destiny and turned personal despair into vibrant success. In the spring of that same year I purchased my first company and within two years became the CEO of the whole chain! – I’m still incredibly proud of that accomplishment.
Gaining success in the life coaching industry encouraged me to consider the legacy I desired to build and leave behind me.

In 2012, I dedicated my career to helping others pursue success and The Taylor Way was born. I obtained my coaching certification through Robbins Madanes Training along with many more certifications that give me a broad range of strategies to offer.

For me, coaching is extremely rewarding, and I take pride in offering uniquely personalized coaching programs that are tailored to each client’s needs.
The Taylor Way Strategy-Based Coaching guarantees results, IF you are ready to bring it!

Using proven strategies instead of talk-based coaching is the secret sauce that is highly addictive and leaves clients craving to come back for more.
Sessions are that good!

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My Story

Before 2008…

I lived a horrifically beautiful life that made me who I am today. Not only have I survived, but walked away with a wicked sense of humor, sincere empathy and authentic understanding.

If you are thinking that you are alone, you are not. I get it. I get what you are going through because I have lived it and now passionately in pursuit of equipping you with the right tools to be a Rockstar.

Start your journey of change today and experience the freedom and power of The Taylor Way customized strategy coaching.

Yes! I want change today

“The first time I felt gut wrenching depression, I was nine. NINE!”

I was raised in your typical suburban family. Parents married forever, lots of friends, and a nice house. From the outside? Everything looked perfect. But on the inside? A young girl who saw herself as ugly, useless, forgotten. An object.

The first time I felt gut wrenching depression, I was nine. NINE! I was a child. I overheard a conversation between some family members talking about my body, how different it was from everyone else, and how they found it – disgusting. I remember walking away from hearing this, feeling so gross, feeling like I would never be enough. That I wasn’t good enough.

This started a long downward spiral in my life.

“I was sexually abused by an uncle and believed by no one in my family.”

When I was twelve, I severely damaged my back while jumping on a trampoline. This moment began my life of physical pain. I was broken and damaged on the outside, and I felt broken and damaged on the inside. My physical and emotional states became one.

At fourteen, I was sexually abused by an uncle and believed by no one in my family. I was told to ignore the memory. To forgive and forget. I learned that I could count on no one and that my word was worth nothing. That I was not worth fighting for.

“Did I want to be dead? Yes.”

At sixteen, I had developed a severe eating disorder and attempted suicide. Did I want to be dead? Yes. Did I want to stop hurting? Yes. Did I think that being gone would make everyone else’s lives easier? Yes. I thought I was doing everyone a favor.
I was found in the nick of time and saved.

Was I grateful? No.

At seventeen, I finally decided to go to the cops and talk about the sexual abuse that was committed against me. My family’s reaction was to be expected. Blame and shame were pushed upon me for years to follow.

three days later I had a brain aneurysm . . .

I lost my long-term memory, most of my short-term memory, doubled my body size on steroids, and started having daily migraines. My hair color was different, my eye color changed, my personality changed, and I felt like a completely different person.

I would scream if I saw my reflection in a mirror at night thinking an intruder was in my home. It was a terrifying time. Almost everyone that I thought loved me, walked away. I went to my grade twelve prom in a wheelchair and instead of dancing away the night, I laid in bed crying.

At that point in my life, I remember being so angry. Angry at God, angry at my family, angry at myself for not having successfully killed myself years earlier.

What more could go wrong?

I wish I could tell you that life magically became easier, but that is not the case. I went on to deal with infertility, loss of a parent, abandonment of my other parent and more health issues.

“An internal voice told me to keep fighting.”

Despite all the adversity, I had a glimmer of hope that pushed me through. An internal voice that told me to keep fighting. My faith would never leave me, my rock and what kept me alive to see my adult years.

Years passed by. . . and then one day I realized something. That no one could, “fix me” or make me, “all better” other than me. And yet I had no idea how.

This started an amazing journey of healing for myself. I went to therapists and psychologists, workshops and retreats, read more books than you could imagine, yet something was missing, and I was becoming more frustrated.

I just wanted someone to TELL ME WHAT TO DO! Just to give me the step by step process of how to heal. And yet no one did. So, what did I do? I created my own path. A personalized process of what I needed to face each unique challenge.

You can have success now

The Moment You Became My Passion

With multiple different certificates, training courses, and a whole lot of courage and stubbornness, I decided that if I could heal myself I could help others heal too. My passion is turning people, like you, into an internal gut level Rockstar to overcome pasts and move into the most amazing future ever.

This is what drives me because I get it and I believe in you.