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Episode #18 From SWAT to Not, Life After a Brain Injury.
with guest Vic Pipke

In this episode, Dawn talks with police veteran Vic Pipke. Vic had a 21-year career that included a dozen years with SWAT. He was forced to change careers after a life-threatening injury. Vic describes how the resulting changes led him to explore his core identity and shares how that led him to change his career to finance.

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Content Warning: Traumatic brain injury, hospitalization, suicidal ideation, depression


In this episode, Dawn talks with police veteran Vic Pipke. Vic had a 21-year career that included a dozen years with SWAT. He was forced to change careers after a life-threatening injury. The resulting changes forced Vic to explore his strengths and core identity, which led him to consider changing his career to finance.

 Dawn and Vic explore the sometimes dark world of post-brain-injury recovery and discuss strategies to get through to another day. This discussion reveals how Vic overcame his challenges and helped his community and clients by assisting them in dreaming big.

 The hosts then explore the benefits that can be had by facing the challenges often present in recovery. Dawn and Vic confirm that shifting your perspectives is often necessary for maintaining a healthy mental state and urges listeners to keep learning, growing and dreaming.

About Vic Pipke

After a 21-year policing career, including a dozen years with the SWAT team, Vic changed career paths after a devastating and life-threatening injury prevented him from proceeding in his policing career in the manner or level he felt could make a significant impact. The career he chose to pursue is financial services to improve financial literacy and address what he found was the underlying cause of almost all crime and social disorder he saw during his policing career: financial struggle.

With this change in direction, he found a passion for educating, inspiring and serving families in a much more profound and fulfilling way. Now he is committed to educating people about money, financial strategies, taxes and much more to give people HOPE and EMPOWER them to make sound decisions for themselves. Then he helps people to access the financial systems, products and services believed to only be accessible to a very select few. And in so doing, he addresses the actual foundational cause of crime and social disorder.


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Straight Line Thinkers

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Vic Pipke: Vic Pipke’s Fiancial Warrors | instagram | facebook | linkedin



I felt like my life had been squandered a little bit in the season of having babies and people needing me. But after working with Dawn, I realize I have the potential for greatness. It was the first time in my life that I realized I actually have the potential to do amazing things.

Sarah Snyder, MA, LPC

I had been in therapy since I was 16, over 20 years of going to therapy before I met Dawn. But in 14-15 months of working with her, my brain has essentially rewired itself. How I view my friends, myself, and God has changed. But you have to buy in, and be willing to work through the tough stuff to get to the other side.


I Get It - 

Life is Hard!

Like many of my clients, I’ve also felt ugly, useless, and forgotten.

I’ve gone through depression, molestation, and a brain aneurysm. 

It took me years to understand what I had gone through and how to use my past to support others in conquering their fears and self talk.

That’s why I’ve condensed what I’ve learned into strategies to help you overcome your own stuff efficiently. 

With multiple different certificates, training courses, and a whole lot of courage and stubbornness, I decided that if I could heal myself I could help others heal too.

If you’re ready to take back control of your life so that you can live with more fulfillment and peace, then contact The Taylor Way today!

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