Are you on the Bus?

Oh The Energy Bus…. You have haunted me but in the best ways possible!

When my Sasha (the dictator/assistant) mentioned it to me I was not so sure I wanted to read it to be honest. But then I realized I was super far into my crazy read project and the words “easy read” were heard loud and clear and it became a desperation book to give me a bit of a brain break from the big deep ones I was reading at that point. Who knew it was the book that I would continue to recommend and give to everyone!!


Invest in their Success

I have often said “it took me 34 years to love myself the way I do. I don’t have that kind of time to convince you to love me”. I honestly just don’t have the kind of energy needed to fight for some of those toxic relationships! In work or in life and this book convinced me of this.  

The Energy Bus talks about a man who is suffering in all areas of his life. HORRIBLY. He is miserable and then life hands him one last challenge. He ends up with no car and needing to ride the bus to work. There are no words to describe what happens next so you just need to read it but it is a game changer for how you think about the people around you.

How do you guard your heart and mind from these people?

How do you protect yourself from the energy vampires that consume you and your time and energy?

Are there people in your life that you need to get off your bus?

Everyone Gets on the Same Page

I sure have in the past and probably still need to to be honest. This is where I want to challenge you. I am not saying cut these people out of your life for good as if they are dead to you (unless they are harming you or crazy toxic) but could you distance yourself? Could you put less time and energy into these people? Could you maybe see a little less of them? Or talk to them a little less? If so? DO IT!!! You will thank yourself. Don’t ever dim your life for the people around you.

I don’t know about you, but I have become an energy hoarder this last year. I only have so much of it and therefore? I don’t like to waste it.

This book. I think of it multiple times per week. Have you ever read a book like that? Please share!!! I am always wanting more to read.

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