CORE 300 & 400

TOO MANY THINGS!!! I WANT TO LEARN all the things in all the land. I often get told by my assistant and husband to stop. Pick a few things to do and that’s it. It is a running joke in our office! The problem is that I am a growth junky. 

But more than that? I am always determined to give the most I can to my clients. One of my BHAG goals this year was to finish my Core 200. That is the second giant school program I need to do on my way to my mastery in coaching! 

“But you are already working!” “But you are already successful” “You don’t have time” “Where will you fit that into your schedule!!!” Are some of the things said to me regularly when I mention doing more school work and while I agree with them all and can see them as valid points, there is nothing more important to me as a coach as continual growth.

I finished my Core 200 and now I am itching to get going on my next section!! The certificate was not even on my wall when I was already checking out what else I get to learn this year. I am thinking later this year….. please forgive me Sasha!!! I have a few other things that I want to get done first, but I would love to get started on it by the beginning of October if possible. Is that insane?


Always thinking 3 Steps Ahead

In a coaching call with one of the courses I am teaching right now, I was talking about how my desire to grow is often in conflict with my desire for variety and change. Anyone else out there feel the same??? I am known for always being a few steps ahead of where I am.

What I mean by that…. I was just finishing book no.1 first draft when I was already thinking of book no.2. This one is not even done!!! And I am thinking podcast and school and what other training I want to take and how to bring more added value to my clients. This is the ongoing battle in my head and life.  


So, for 2019? If you read my goals blog earlier this year, you would see that one of my words was COMPLETION. I am working on completing projects this year. I want things done. Off my plate in order to open up more mental space for new projects and ideas.

Growth Junkie!

If you know me? Or even if you don’t. Please hold me to this!!!!!!

Are you a growth junky like me? What is your growth area of choice? What do you love to learn?

Please share!! I promise I won’t do all the things…

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