The kids are coming! The kids are coming!

My Legacy. I know it sounds weird to talk about but my legacy is something that is often on my mind these days. I heard Dr. Henry Cloud talking one time about what your legacy is going to be and how important it is! He discussed it in terms of what are you leaving in the wake of your boat, and the visual has never left.

Legacy. This is part of my legacy. I want to use these summers that I get them to not only have fun and connect with them on a different level but also to dig deep. Teach them the things that I would have wanted to teach my own kids!

Some examples: cleaning, cooking, budgeting, how to earn money, laughter, speaking in public to adults, the art of the hustle and not in a bad way. I also want them to appreciate home more!! So boredom with no fun cable or electronics is a thing here.

Providing a Safe Space

Last summer I got a call that my niece was in a little trouble. She needed a safe place to land and I ran to grab her. She needed a giant kick in the ass, let’s be honest and I was just the person to do it. She went through Auntie Dawn Bootcamp and it went amazing! The poor kid hated me some days but to see the difference in her from start to end of summer? It was amazing Side note: my siblings are amazing parents. It takes a village… especially with that one 🙂 At the end of her time here she begged to come back and do it again! My sister was gracious enough to say yes to me stealing her kids for a summer and so a week or so ago? I made the long trek to go and pick up not only her but her 16 year old brother for 6 weeks! Some people think I am crazy. I love it though.

How am I doing this? I have slowed down my schedule a bit this summer so that I can have more time with them. My husband and I are kind of tag teaming. We got my nephew a job with his company he works for and the poor guy is learning hard and fast what hard work looks and feels like! He has been living in a hotel, having to cook for himself, working outside for 12 hours per day for the last week and LOVING IT! But is also ready for a day off. He is learning that it is hard to eat Chef Boyardee with no can opener, that it is smart to get to sleep earlier than you want so that you are not late in the morning, that spending that extra few dollars on steel toe boots is TOTALLY worth it when wearing them for long periods of time. He is learning that he can have money or time but not really both in the same way he has always thought. He is learning who to hang out with and who too avoid. He is learning to take directions from other people around him and to make decisions as he has a group of employees needing him! (The kid is notorious for refusing to make a decision). He is learning that he can’t afford a sub everyday for work and maybe those pizza dinners are a splurge and he should stick to cheaper food! He is learning to ask for help. He is also getting to hang out with Uncle Chad and that is a privilege many would love. (He is an amazing man)

My niece is learning to earn money as well! She is getting up early with me everyday. She is in charge or many things around the house. She has been organizing things, cleaning things, cooking and bossing me around. She is also doing odd jobs for other business owners as well! She has walked many a mile hanging door hangers, cut out annoying stickers, done filing and so much  more. She is learning the value of money. She is learning about life. She is a little young for a real job hence why she is doing more around the house and office and less outside of it! She has started a vehicle detailing company where she cleans vehicles for clients while they are here. She has also decided that her big goal for the summer is a laptop! Let’s see if she gets there!! We go for long drives looking at fancy houses every night and talk. We talk about life and the future and silly things. We dream, we laugh, we plan.

And no they are not only working this summer! We are also flying to Winnipeg to visit family and go to a football game this month! I am also going to take at least the niece to a Tony Robbins conference. I am curious to see what she will think of that…. We are going to festivals, we are binge watching Netflix a few times, we will go to markets and play games and laugh a lot.

This. This is my legacy.  My “kids”.  My clients. Their futures.

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