Your Stole My Heart

Oh New York you have stolen my heart. At least I think you have!!

Interesting fact about my brain. There are a few but a strange one to most is the fact that it is crazy. Not in the way you are thinking although maybe that too!! It vibrates. I have actually gone for testing and it vibrates at almost 3 times the normal pace of a regular brain.
For some of you? Not so shocking. My clients often comment on the fact that I can easily overwhelm them with all the things I want to do with them and how we are going to get there and if only they knew what I was actually thinking! One perk? I have an amazing visualization ability. I can look at a wall and see it a different color. I can see all the steps needed to do something. I am a logistics master but man alive it is hard to rest.

Most people go tropical. Or they head to the mountains. Both of those? Do nothing for me. They actually almost make me angry and stressed out. Husband has always laughed at me as I drop him off at the beach and head off for an adventure.
New York was a new feel for me. I had no idea what to expect but I have always enjoyed large cities and found them more restful than anywhere else. I had been warned that New York was intense and crazy and chaotic feeling and it intrigued me! I got there? And fell in love.

You see, I fight my brain. All day every day I fight it. I suffer to sleep or nap, to sit and settle and even to just sit and visit! I am either going 150 miles per minute or so tired that I can barely hold it together. It is just something I have dealt with now for so many years that I am fairly used to it. It was the first place I ever felt calm.
I LOVED the hustle, the fast pace, the amount of chaos around me. It is the first time ever that I felt like my brain could just be. I didn’t have to fight it!!! One night I even went for a walk with noise cancelling headphones (the noise bothered me a little as I live a very quiet life at home) and actually started crying. I felt calmer than I ever have.

Now to Test this Theory!

Where is your brain calm? Where do you feel at home? So far? LA and New York are my top 2 places.  I sure enjoy New York more though….
So the question is…. When will I go back? I have no idea. Hoping this year sometime.  Anyone in New York want to hire me for anything?????

Some favourite things I did

Shows: We went to Avenue Q and Beetlejuice. Both amazing!
Food: OH MY WORD did we enjoy the food. The Chelsea market is outstanding and we had fun eating our way around it, the pizza, and even went for a massive amazing celebrity restaurant meal
Hotel: We stayed at the Empire and it was a perfect location and beautiful. The room was even a normal size!
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