One Degree Shift

There’s nothing I love more than helping people overcome challenges in their lives – big, small, and everything in between!

The thing is, a lot of clients are most focused on the major life events. Traumas, relationship struggles, and health concerns are often the focus in our sessions. And while those are really important to address, just as much of the change clients see often comes from the smallest of shifts. Tiny changes that seem almost insignificant can actually make a HUGE impact overall! 

It’s pretty easy for me to say, “make a change” or “shift your habits as homework.” A few months ago, I realized that I needed to start practicing what I was preaching to clients and make these shifts for myself. 

That’s when I started implementing the one-degree shift. The results? Unbelievable.

Big Problems? Think Small

It’s easy to think that big problems need big solutions. But by making a “one-degree” shift, you can achieve major changes in your life that actually stick around. 

Maybe this doesn’t make a lot of sense. Big challenges should need big fixes, right? Not necessarily! 

Think about it like flying a plane. When a pilot’s off course by only one degree, he might end up one mile off course for every sixty miles flown. So if he was flying from New York to San Francisco, he would be 43 miles off! That’s a huge difference, and all from just a tiny shift in direction. 

43 miles! Can you imagine being that far off course in your life? Now instead, imagine you shifted one degree toward your goal. That small shift will make a mammoth impact in your life. 

Shift Your Thinking by a Single Degree

Have you ever had a big goal that you were super excited about, and you still just couldn’t feel like you were ever going to get there? Maybe the goal was too big, or there were too many steps, or you just kept getting stopped up. It sort of feels like you’re got an entire mountain in front of you to climb. Like you’re standing at the bottom wondering how you’re going to get to the top. 

I get it. The problem isn’t that you don’t have enough motivation. It’s not that you don’t want the goals. It’s not even that you’re lazy or can’t find the time to climb that damn mountain! It’s just that you haven’t broken your goals down into habits that will get you there.

Habits can be good or bad. The bad ones are hard to break and easy to fall back into. The good ones are hard to instill. 

Fortunately, setting some good habits is all you need is to shift direction enough to start making up that mountain. Shift those habits just a tiny bit, and you can actually shift your whole direction!


Make a Massive Impact

Whether it’s in business, relationships, or your personal life, you can transform your life by changing something small. I’ve been focusing on 3 small adjustments in my life that have already changed everything.


I’m not great at consistently attending networking sessions. It’s always felt sort of optional. But this year I told myself it wasn’t optional anymore. I had to show up. I had to do more. I’m now super busy coaching full-time because of this small change. 


You’re busy. I’m busy. We’re all busy. It’s hard to make the time to fit everything (and everyone) in. But I never want to sacrifice the people in my life because I’m “too busy.” So this year, to ensure everyone gets the time they deserve, I started scheduling everything and finding time I didn’t know I had. It’s made me more efficient in my work and personal life.  Suddenly I have time for so many people and things I was too busy for before.


I don’t think it’s possible to learn too much in my personal life. There’s always something new. This year, I chose to make time to learn and grow every day. One of the most important one degree shifts? New reading material! This change has transformed my mental state. I’m more open, positive, and ready to take on my day. 

These easy changes – networking, scheduling, and reading – are so small, and yet they’ve had a huge impact in the las two months. So, what small change can you make to turn your life around? What’s one tiny shift that can change everything?


Your Challenge

I challenge you to start making at least one positive one degree shift this week. Look at your life and choose one area or aspect you want to improve. Only one!

Then, start implementing a tiny change in what you’ve been doing each and every day. Remember; think small (only one degree at a time).

Choose to get better every day – if I can do it, so can you!

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