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Setting Intentions for the New Year 2020

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Intentions Vs Resolutions

Question for you: Did you set a New Year’s Resolution this year?

Because most people actually don’t do that anymore.

Resolutions are “FIRM decisions to do (or not do) something,”

and I think the do or die approach to life isn’t really the best way to do it.

Resolutions Are The Past, Intentions Are the Future

With a resolution, you make this decision, “I am NOT going to eat fast food this year.” and then it’s week two, you stopped at Wendy’s one night, and suddenly your resolution is out the door.

You’ve failed. Your year is over. You can’t stick to anything… See where this is going?

So why not take a different approach and set an intention for the year.

An intention is a starting point, where you have a dream. A dream that is a little seed that grows when you focus on it and align your whole being and life with achieving this desire.

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Setting Intentions

What are your dreams? Are there things you want to do or accomplish, like learning a new language or traveling somewhere?

Do you want to do better financially? Looking back at your last year, is there something you want to change?

Think of your intention as a gift to yourself, not a struggle or a challenge.

Think of something that deserves your focus. Something that deserves to grow and blossom.

Imagine it being placed in your hands at the end of the year and how happy you will be to receive it!

As your year rolls along, celebrate your wins and don’t worry too much about the losses. With personal growth, it’s a process where the journey is just as important as whatever happens at the end.

Some examples of intentions:

      • I want to get enough sleep this year. I will sleep for at least 7 hours a night and feel rested when I wake up.
      • I will improve my relationship with my family. I will set up boundaries with them, while still being there for them.
      • I want to spend more time developing my business. I will network, pursue opportunities, and be realistic with myself.

What are your intentions for this year?

dawn taylor life, business and personal coach
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