The Taylor Way was Born

A long time ago in a galaxy far away a meeting happened…. And in that meeting? The Taylor Way was born.

She came kicking and screaming into this world and with one final push? She arrived.

But no, seriously.  I keep getting asked about how this company started and while I wish it was an amazing and long thought about thing, it truly wasn’t. To be totally honest… it kind of started itself to a degree, and I fought it tooth and nail for quite awhile.

I was running a totally different business I had and had won the bid on a coaching session with an amazing woman named Janice. I decided in typical “Dawn has no chill” fashion that I was not ok with the small Skype session that we had booked and asked if I could buy a day of her time! I travelled to Surrey, BC and that is where we start this story.

You see, I had been through an incredible amount in my life as you may know and had spent YEARS healing me. Healing the broken bits and the painful parts and people had been watching. I was getting asked often to go for “coffee to talk” or “hey can you talk to my friend who”. I was super unconventional in how I had dealt with my healing and it showed. It also showed that I had actually healed!! People found this crazy and wanted to be part of it. They wanted advice. They wanted hope. They wanted to talk to someone who not only understood but had been there and had come out of it and supposedly we are hard to find.

My biggest battle? But I am not a psychologist. But I am not professionally trained in everything. But I am too young/too old/too ___________.  I left her office with the name and the tag line and didn’t look at it again for months. 

I was asked a few months later to speak at an event and at the end? Women came up to me and asked to start coaching with me! I was shocked and honoured and said yes. That night I went home and ordered business cards. I had spoken with a designer at one point in those months and had them designed but it was time to start. I also at the same time signed up for even more schooling! Most people? Didn’t care. I was getting them outstanding results and they didn’t need me to have certificates on the wall. But others – Needed that. The more training I took, the more lives I changed, the busier and busier I got until I sold the previous business and started doing this full time.  

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So, what makes me different? Oh so many things.

I am super unconventional. I know you have probably heard me say that, but what does it mean? It means that I can meet a client exactly where they are and I will do anything and everything in order to get them the healing or results that they want. Ex.  I have a 12 year old that refuses to talk to ANYONE but will talk to me. Why? I feed him, we play lego on the floor, and I let him draw penises all over my white boards while we talk. 47 penises in one day? He finally broke down and started talking about the pain in his life the abandonment of his dad. I am his safe place

NOTHING shocks me. I have not done massive advertising. My clients come by referral and the things I see and hear and have walked clients through? Would blow your mind. Due to this fact, I get referrals for a TON of really deep trauma. I can take it though. Again. Nothing shocks me.

I am a super out of the box thinker. I can look at someones business or life and fill in the gaps and connect dots in a crazy way. I often get told it is almost creepy!

I am not scared of the broken. I often see the people who hate therapy and psychologists and refuse to go back due to horrible experiences. I believe that it is because of my past? And the healing that I have done that I can connect with them at an incredible rate and level

I get fast results. I had a client give me a personal testimonial yesterday to someone who was curious in my coaching and one of the things that she said was that she had gotten more results in the first 2 sessions than in YEARS of talking to therapists.

I am different. I am quirky. I am often misunderstood in this, but I love my clients more than I should and FIGHT for them

I have no rules on coaching. Ethical ones? Yes. But I have no rules on contracts, set hours, what direction things go in etc. This allows for people who are also like this to be able to be comfortable

I fire clients. You better believe it! While I like a pay check like everyone else? If I do not think I can help you or that you are ready for it? I will refer you to someone else or fire you. There are certain areas of life that I just don’t work with. I know my skill and my abilities VERY well and will not cross those lines

Does this mean I am the fit for you? Maybe. Maybe not. What it does mean though? Is that I did it. I found my “calling” *insert gag here. I am doing what I am supposed to be doing and changing lives in the process. It is exhausting but amazing and I have never stopped being in awe of every single client that trusts me with their lives and their time.

Are you passionate about what you do? Is it what gets you out of bed in the morning? 

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